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Could this be the best equine tow car?

Parkers Awards 2020 thinks so! The Volkswagen Touareg has achieved the top spot. An unlikely winner perhaps when compared to a line up including the highly proven Land Rover Discovery which took one of the runners up titles, along with the equally surprising SsangYong Musso who’s automatic gearbox offers the highest towing capacity in it’s class of pick-ups.

What makes the Touareg preside above the rest? Well, a culmination of things really. One being it’s affordability paired with it’s refined, stylish and impressive aesthetics.

Looks aside, the Touareg ‘feels closer to a large luxury estate car than an SUV, with impressive refinement, comfort and handling for its size’ state Parkers Awards in their analysis. Often meaty, sexy 4x4s are incredibly heavy given the amount of ‘stuff’ built into them which can effect it’s performance ability, when it comes to the crunch, but, given it’s size the Touareg is just as capable on road as it is off-road.

For many horse owners, the thought of reversing a trailer is enough to fill you with dread, especially when your most precious load is stood in the back blissfully unaware and munching hay. The arrival of technology such as this is game-changing. Using the technology, the Touareg will steer a trailer into the required space effortlessly. One less thing to stress about before your dressage test! That’s stressful enough right?

The Touareg’s powerful 3.0-litre, V6 diesel engine makes towing a dream. Not only does it have the power to pull like a work horse needs too, it does so with ease, and without sounding as if it is going to blow up!

In a final statement from Parkers Awards, they close by summarising their winning decision; ‘Given the performance, quality and technology, the Touareg is also good value, making it the clear winner for Best Tow Car 2020.’

Aside from being a champion towing car, the Touareg is hailed as a great all-round family vehicle. With many looking to swap out their oldies and opt for financing a newer, modern, sleeker and often more economical choice, the Touareg should be a serious contender.

Volkswagen, in my opinion, have really upped their game recently with the introductions of the T-Roc and the all new Tiguan.

The next big tick in the winning box is the fantastic boot space, an 810-litre boot to be precise! Ideal for picking up feed and bedding in (hay too if you are brave enough!) as well as the children’s push chair or the weekly shop. You won’t have to worry about space again, the back seats will remain just that – seats, and not additional boot space after you’ve run out of room.

With an impressive, spacious and stylish modern interior the Touareg really does tick all the boxes and rivals that of the likely favourites that fit the tow-car stereotype. With prices starting from £49,135 it is still an affordable car when compared to others within it’s class.

Do you want to know one of my favourite features? You can choose from 30 (yes 30!) ambient lighting colours for the interior.

To see the full list of Parkers Awards winners for 2020 click here.

*Images for this article obtained from the Volkswagen Media Site for the purposes of this feature, we do not own any of the images.

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