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Introducing a new partnership with Aloeride

Happy Sunday everyone! 

I am so excited to tell you all about my new sponsor – Aloeride. This is the first equestrian related product and company I am exclusively working with and I am over the moon to be an Ambassador for the brand. 

You might remember back last year, Simba

went into hospital for tests relating to his snotty/smelly nose.

He came back happy and healthy but had a build up of mucus in his nasal passage due to a blood born tooth infection, whilst this didn’t and doesn’t cause him any pain or discomfort, it was rather smelly.

The vets recommended a respiratory supplement to help clear his airways and keep them fresh and free from any mucus but I wasn’t sure which would work best for him.

That’s when Aloeride was recommended to me and the wonderful Ashley and MirrorMe PR sent some boxes and I started Simba on the product. I can honestly say it has worked wonders – he no longer has a smelly nose nor is there any discharge. 

This Winter just gone was so much better for him and I can only put the improvement down to feeding Aloeride as nothing else has changed other than the chaff I feed. He is still on haylage during the midst of Winter and then I move him onto hay as Spring approaches. I was also intrigued to try something which has qualities that help reduce gastrointestinal ulcers and to keep the acid levels within the stomach neutral as he can sometimes be a bit grumpy when doing up his girth. Initially, I put this down to inexperience BUT since feeding Aloeride this behaviour has drastically reduced!

Aloeride is the only Soil Association certified aloe vera for horses and people  in the world and is a family owned business based in Leicestershire. In recent years Aloe Vera has been a hugely popular food supplement for horses and humans and I was conscious that I wanted to feed something natural to Simba as I am not too keen on artificial products so Aloeride was the perfect solution.

I am delighted to be joining a wonderful team of Sponsored Riders and Brand Ambassadors for Han’s initiative business. Click here to view the rest of the team.

I look forward to sharing more images with you of us in our Aloeride gear and keeping you updated on Simba’s Aloeride progress. Now that this issue has gone to print, I have more time to spend with my boy and can’t wait to get back to schooling so I will be flying the Aloeride flag here as well as during my race training.

Do any of you feed Aloeride to your horses? 

Until next time…

Lots of love, 

Hollie-Ella Xxx

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