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6 Reasons You Should Try In The Country Magazine

Ahead of our Summer pre-orders opening tomorrow (exciting!), I wanted to give you six quick reasons why you should try In The Country Magazine – if you haven’t already. 

Have you been considering ordering a copy or subscribing but are yet to take the plunge? Or have you seen our social media posts or heard of us through word of mouth but haven’t bitten the bullet yet? Now is the perfect time to do so. 

Sit back, grab a fresh cup of tea and let me tell you why In The Country is worth a read.

1. For the love of the countryside – In The Country Magazine showcases all things quintessentially country. From farming to shooting and from horses to lifestyle topics, you

name it if it’s part of life in the countryside we’ll cover it. So if you love the countryside or real

life then In The Country is the magazine for you. We’re new, we’re relevant and we’re on trend.

2. We give YOU a voice – I am often asked why I don’t work with qualified journalists and freelancers. There are a couple of reasons for this, firstly In The Country is your magazine and so by including articles and ideas from genuine members of the public who are connected with the countryside and the believe in the message we are trying to get across we are able to create the ultimate, accurate country lifestyle magazine. Secondly, I believe in giving everyone a chance. I didn’t do fantastically at school, nor do I hold a degree. I have never studied journalism, graphic design or business, I am entirely self-taught and have learned everything I now know along the way. It is because of this that I am passionate about giving others the opportunity to share their passion of writing in a published, internationally distributed magazine. 

3. Value for money – Our single issues are £4.90 (plus postage) each and are perfect bound with a luxurious glossy cover. Each magazine is standard A4 size and contains approximately 120-140 pages. In recent years prices of magazines have gradually gone up and whilst In The Country isn’t the cheapest magazine on the market we believe our price reflects the quality, hard work and dedication that goes into each and every page. Our annual subscriptions are currently, we think, excellent value for money at just £24.99. This is a one off payment and ensures you receive each new issue straight to your door before general orders. 

4. The changing of the seasons – In The Country Magazine ties in perfectly with the change of seasons. Living in the country we all know that each season brings something different. Spring see’s the return of the Eventing season and lambs, foals and calves being born all over the place, Summer brings us country fairs, BBQ’s and Harvest whilst Autumn brings us the start of the game season, the return of Tweed coats and our beloved wellies whilst Winter sees the return of Hunting and of course Christmas. Due to the fact we publish quarterly it means we can focus on what the months ahead will bring and tailor our content accordingly. It works well for our advertisers too.

5. Post to feel giddy about – Each magazine ordered through our website is sent out individually gift wrapped with a personalised note. We believe this makes the whole experience unique and personal rather than just walking into a shop and picking up ‘any old magazine’ off the shelf. Your copy is unique to YOU. Plus at the very least, receiving your latest ITC Magazine is a lot more exciting than getting more utility bills through the letterbox!

6. You have to see it to believe it – In The Country comes highly recommended. We are proud of the growing number of reviews on our Facebook page and also the overwhelming number of our customers who take to Instagram to post pictures of their latest issue. It is incredibly humbling and makes all the late nights, hard work and stress worthwhile. We repost our favourite customer images which you can see on our Instagram page. I have mentioned before that it seems as though we have created what seems like a little ‘community’ whereby readers jump onboard issue after issue in support of myself and the magazine. In doing so, it has created a domino affect of orders and they seem to snowball in each time so I cannot thank those of you who have taken to social media to do this enough. You are part of this story.

If you have stuck with us to the end of this blog post and are thinking of giving In The Country Magazine a read, I want to give you 20% our Spring issue as a thank you. If you enter the discount code TRYME at the checkout, you will receive 20% off the magazine price. OR click hereto head straight to the web page and get started.

Until next time…

Lots of love,

Hollie-Ella Xxx

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