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7 reasons to buy a Land Rover

Whether you own a vehicle from the Land Rover or Range Rover family yourself, or you’ve got one firmly set on your wish list, I wanted to share my top reasons to buy a Land Rover including; practicality, off-roading capabilities, companionship, style factor and safety.

It is no secret I am an avid Land Rover enthusiast and many of you will know I have been extremely lucky to have been lent two Discovery Sports from the marque over the past year. I currently have the latest Discovery Sport model and it truly is hard to fault, although perhaps one thing I would note is my need for chunkier tyres, low profile tyres just don’t cut it in the countryside despite looking great!

When it comes to off-roading SUVs or vehicles best suited to rural life, Land Rover should be top of your list. If you’re on the hunt for a fun, stylish, capable and perhaps most importantly reliable reliable vehicle to welcome into the family, then taking a look at the Land Rover family is the best place to start. From the rugged Defenders of the past (and now future) to the king’s of the road being the Range Rover and every model in between there really is a vehicle for everyone within the marque’s collection.

I am not suggesting a new Land Rover is a must have, admittedly it just isn’t an option for some whether that be down to affordability or preference, whatever the model, each oozes that unbeatable, unique Land Rover DNA. 

Why buy a Land Rover?


Land Rover is perhaps best known for producing cars with unrivalled all-round capabilities; from a smart and sophisticated business SUV to a comfortable, spacious and reliable family car. 

The Defenders and Discoveries are hailed for their synergy with farm and equestrian life, effortlessly handling the demands of a farmer’s vehicle for example with livestock feed, buckets, baling twine, tools and the like lugged into the boot for safe keeping. Whilst the Range Rover truly is the epitome of class.

Similarly there is amble room in the boot of any Land Rover for all five of your dogs, your weekly food shop, the kid’s stuff, your horses tack, and so much more. Heck, I’ve had a blow up mattress in the boot of mine and it easily transported almost all of my stock and trade stand elements up to The Game Fair last year.

Off-roading capabilities:

The very first Land Rover was modelled around being the ultimate off-road, all -round vehicle, capable of anything and everything. You can take a Land Rover practically anywhere, from muddy fields, sandy beaches and across dunes to slippery wet grass and snow. The Land Rover can climb hills and descend down with stability and grace. This is a marque with real prowess.

Off-roading is truly at the heart of Land Rover, I was lucky enough to have been invited down to the Eastnor Land Rover experience to see for myself and wow was I in awe of the Range Rover’s abilities. 

The modern models – although may look a little less rugged with more focus on style and luxury – are just as capable if not more so with the advancement of technology over the years since the brand’s inception over 70 years ago.


There is effortless synergy between the characteristics and personality of the Land Rover marque and that of rural life, a Land Rover to any who own one is far more than just a mode of transport, it is a lifestyle companion, a partner in crime if you will.

It is hard to explain if you’re a person who thinks of cars purely as a means of getting around, but to those of you who have a deeper understanding and appreciation for cars, you’ll be hard pushed to find a marque better than this.

Everything about the brand, the various vehicles’ DNA and their design right from the chassis to it’s presence on the road (and off it), is just synonymous with life in the country. 

Style factor:

Talking of design, one big pull of the Land Rover and Range Rover models is the style factor, the superiority and luxury you can feel when you are sitting behind the wheel of one, cruising along the roads. 

There is a real focus on luxury and quality when it comes to Land Rover and having heard the design team talk of such things during the launch of the new Range Rover Evoque in Greece back in 2018, it is evident that this at the forefront of their design process.

Even the older models oozed style, albeit a different kind, they perfectly summed up rural style whilst never compromising on ability, and as the marque grew and attracted a new audience all the while design and technology advanced, the newer models are the epitome of modern SUV style from every inch of the various models’ sleek exterior to their luxurious interiors, Land Rovers are in a class of their own when it comes to style.


This is a major one. Without cramping it’s style, Land Rover has unmatched safety features, the vehicles are forward thinking and equipped to protect you on every journey you take. With a comprehensive range of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) to an extensive air bag system you can drive safe in the knowledge your vehicle has all the tools to keep you and your family as safe as possible.

With Autonomous Emergency Breaking, you are alerted if there is a potential collision detected, if no action is taken by the driver then the system automatically applies the breaks. Lane Assist is designed to detect when you may be driving out of the lane unintentionally.

Amongst many other features, the 360 degree parking aid is a definite god send for me, parking isn’t my strong point but thanks to my Discovery Sport’s capabilities, using the front and reversing cameras paired with the parking aid, I have complete confidence when parking and manoeuvring into tight or awkward spaces.

Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles are also built to the highest and most up to date specifications following road safety, construction and use regulations, so you can feel comfortable and reassured knowing your vehicle is up there with the safest available on the market.

Ease of maintenance/ upkeep:

Ok ok, before you think I am bias, I will point out that I know and accept Land Rovers are not the most affordable vehicle to own when things go wrong (and naturally they do), or things need maintaining but, you have to remember they are big, comprehensive and premium cars. Of course they are going to cost more to maintain and repair than your Ford Fiesta because the parts are different, there are more of them and the technology is more advanced.

One of the things I love about the modern Land Rovers, is how you are alerted by the car when anything is wrong. If your washer fluid needs topping up, tyre pressure is low or the Diesel Exhaust Fluid (Ad Blue) needs topping up the car’s intelligent computer system lets you know with warning lights, we are all guilty of neglecting our responsibilities to check these things regularly.


So I’ve mentioned Land Rover’s all-round prowess and it’s off-roading capabilities matched with its practicality, and finally we come to it’s versatility.

The Land Rover marque has adventure at it’s core and your Land Rover or Range Rover is fully equipped for adventuring in comfort and style whenever you get the urge to go exploring. I for one, am planning a road trip around Scotland’s answer to Route 66 in mine! But, in the same breath, Land Rovers are equally as at home in the town or city as they are in the back end of nowhere. 

The driving experience of a Land Rover is smooth and refined making navigating urban areas an absolute breeze and yet, when desired will come into it’s own off the beaten track.

So, there you have it, my 7 reasons to buy a Land Rover. Now, yes, I am a devout fan of the marque, I have been for as long as I can remember and I envisage I will be for the foreseeable. I am excited to test out the new Defender once it is safe to do so once again, and I wonder, maybe one day we’ll see a Land Rover pick up, what do you think….?

To enquire about purchasing a new Land Rover yourself visit: landrover.co.uk or your local dealership for used or new models.

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