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A poem on trees


I cannot help but stop and stare,
At trees…
And sometimes touch them too.
I wonder how others pass them by
Without noticing their majesty.
To me, they always seem magic,
A potent proof that we do indeed live in fairyland.
From the depth of their roots to the tip
Of their uppermost branches;
They are lower and higher than we ever are.
And yet they remain solid and stable,
But flexible.
Stretching out to help others of their kind,

Sheltering beasts and birds, providing homes
And the oxygen we need to be here.
As a child I climbed them,
Fell silent by an uprooted stump,
Unconsciously aware of the gravity
Of this giant’s death.
And now I paint and write and live
From them,
And always as I pass by…
Inhale a conscious breath,
And dip my head in thanks,
Grateful to share their world.

Written by Jessica Meins


For more inspiration and to enjoy Jessica’s growing portfolio, follow her on Instagram @jessicameins.

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