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A smashing time

El Kala Last weekend – gosh saying it like that makes it sound so long ago – some friends came down to visit.

Diksmuide If you keep up to date with my blogs you will have seen a post a few weeks ago about our visit to a farm up in Berkshire, (if not here it is) well it was these same friends that drove down to Sussex to visit us this time.

buy Pregabalin Lyrica uk v We had some exciting news to celebrate and that was done in traditional British fashion over a few Gins down at our local country pub.

http://disegnoworks.com/portfolio/citizenm-place/ We headed home and as James’ and I were giving up our much loved bed for our guests, we blew up our air bed in the front room ready for a sleep over with Bella. Who was in her cage by our feet looking very confused as to why mum & dad were sleeping right on an inflatable mattress right next to her bed.

The following morning, we decided to go for a nice long walk around the farm with Ivy (Sally’s Cocker Spaniel), we would have taken Bell, however we are conscious about the amount of time we walk her for due to her joints at her age.

It was so refreshing to be out in the morning air in the heart of the countryside, after working up an appetite from our morning’s adventure around the farm we decided to head to the picturesque village of Arundel for a whopping great cooked breakfast.

Once we polished this off, and had given ourselves time to digest the mountain of food we had all just consumed, we headed out to the woods to ‘smash some clays’.

Obviously, the boys were brilliant at it. Making it look effortlessly easy. However when it came to us girls; let’s say we were all a little rusty! 😉

  I’ll happily admit, I had never been clay shooting before, and so I was super excited! To James’ dismay (perhaps) I am hooked, and we are so lucky to have a trap on the farm, and the space to do it in. I have already told him this is going to be our new weekly activity, I LOVED it.

I used his 410 shotgun for the majority of the afternoon, which I loved. I got on really well with it (I think), it had literally no kick back.

Before I met James last year, my shotgun experience was 0. I had shot air rifles before, even owning my own (a hand me down from my dad), but the shot gun experience was a new one.

He first took me out to shoot the little 410 in one of the farm fields last year, and I hit the target (a milk bottle!) on my first attempt.

I was ecstatic, but have absolutely no idea how I did it, and was certainly not doing a very good job at transferring that mysterious fluke technique to the clays.

I managed to hit one though, although typically the one I hit, James missed. He was off trying to catch a pigeon for Ivy’s dinner.

James’ persuaded me to have a go with the semi-automatic, 3 shot single barrel 12 bore camo gun he bought recently, with me in mind as it is a nice easy basic gun and will help introduce me to the larger guns, without such a kick back.

We are planning on re-vamping it by stripping the camouflage off of it, and giving it a matte black make over. I might even be able to get my own stamp on it… some pastel pink or minty green?

Once I had exhausted my attempts at trying to hit any more clays, I decided I ought to have a go with James’ baby.

His 12 bore Lanber, the result? I think I prefer the 410 at this stage.

It was such a satisfying feeling when I successfully hit my first clay. That James missed. Watching it shatter in the air.

Anyway, enough of that… it started to get pretty chilly in the woods as the wind was picking up.

We decided to pack everything away and head back to the house. We had planned on going out for some drinks that evening, but being the prematurely elderly bunch of early 20 something’s that we are, we all decided to stay, stick a movie on and get an enormous Domino’s order in.

The following morning, after our second night on the air bed we headed out with James’ parents into town for a nice relaxing Mother’s Day coffee and nibbles, before going round to my Mumma’s house in the evening for a delicious (as always) and impressive home cooked meal.

I think sometimes we forget how invaluable, precious and enjoyable ‘family time’ can be. It is so lovely to get everyone together, once siblings start going their own way and living their lives, to catch up with everyone and see how they are doing.

Of course – it is inevitable in most cases, but still.

We did manage to squeeze in a trip to the beach in the afternoon, in between seeing our parents. We took Bella for her first ever beach experience, well she loved it!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and managed to enjoy the beautiful weather, if any of you reading this are Mummy’s then I hope you had a magical Mother’s Day too.

I was lucky enough to receive cards from my two fur babies; Simba (the horse) and Bella (the puppy).

Until next time,

Hollie-Ella X

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