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An Evening With James Purdey and Sons

buy Ivermectin 6 mg Hello everyone and happy Friday! The weekend is here!

buy Lyrica canada pharmacy Whether you’re getting ready for a wild night out or you’re snuggling up for a cosy night in, I wanted to share with you yesterday’s experience. I have found over the past year, that with work I am finding myself travelling up to London more and more – which is something that excites me.

I am by no means a city person however and each time I do venture out of my safe haven in the countryside, the enormity of London and the fast-paced nature of city life is rather daunting. 

Royalty Free Ariel Image of London kindly downloaded from Unsplash. I do not own this image.

A month or so ago, I received an invitation to attend James Purdey and Sons Autumn/Winter clothing launch reception which was to be held in The Long Room at their Mayfair home; Audley House. I have included the beautiful e-invitation below as wanted to share it with you all… I am sure you can imagine the excitement I felt when I opened my email and found this little beauty.

*Note – I have cropped the personal contact information. 

Purdey is a brand I absolutely adore. I love the history behind it, it’s ethos and virtually everything about it. You may remember the article within our Spring issue where I was lucky to test out a Purdey shotgun myself (in the snow!) and honestly it was the most beautiful gun I had ever had the pleasure to hold, let alone fire. The action was so smooth… I felt like a very lucky girl that day and it certainly was one of those ‘I love my job’ moments! 

Heading up to London is becoming a little less overwhelming for me, the more I make the journey. Often, I am headed there for an exciting event or meeting and so this helps to distract from the enormity of the city. Ordinarily, I would take the underground to where I need to go but decided on this occasion, I would get a taxi as I had next to no idea where I was really headed.

Turning up to the beautiful Audley House I was taken aback by the impressive shop window displays which were a true celebration of the countryside and life within it.

Greeted by a very proud looking stone Labrador, I headed inside. With an exclusive guest list given that this was a private event, I gave my name and was ushered in with a smile and promise of a glass of champagne.

It baffles me how so many people within London know each other, whilst I can walk into the room and not recognise a single familiar face. There were so many exchanges of pleasantries between virtually everyone who arrived. Often I hear Londoners refer to the city as ‘town’ and one gentleman explained that by spending an evening or two in a pub or bar across the road can quickly result in you making more connections than you could have imagined and before you know it, you know half of London.

That being said, everyone was incredibly friendly and welcoming and I quickly felt at ease and conversations about life, business and the countryside began flowing.

Having been a lover of Purdey for a long time now, getting the exclusive opportunity to view the new Autumn/Winter Collection in person was an incredible feeling. Being able to be amongst the first to physically see and feel the un-rivalled quality of the products on offer is a rare opportunity. After a short time, we were ushered into the legendary Long Room.

Looking around, there were so many wonderful products. It truly is any country lovers idea of heaven and if you’re headed to London any time soon, I really would recommend popping in to browse the beautiful products available.

To be gathered in a room that is full of so much history and influence was a really amazing feeling. Lining the walls are documents of historical importance both for the brand but also for the sport and our country itself.

aback Purdey is an incredible brand and if the walls within the room could talk and tell the tales of what they have witnessed over the years, I am sure it would be truly fascinating. 

Where the long and beautifully crafted wooden table sits, used to be a well.In 1938, the well was closed over and the table was installed in its place. Many of the world’s most iconic and influential shots have graced the Long Room over the past two centuries since  buy Ivermectin australia James Purdey & Sons relocated to Audley House, 57-58 South Audley Street, Mayfair on the 1st January 1883.

After having made some excellent connections and having thoroughly enjoyed myself and the evening hosted by Purdey, it was time to head home to Sussex. 

As I have said before, my own entrepreneurial journey has taken me to some incredible places over the past year, and the Long Room and Audley House is most definitely one of them.

Keep your eye out for an appearance from Purdey in our Autumn issue too! For now, have

a fabulous weekend and I will leave you with a few more images from the night.

Until next time… 

Lots of love,

Hollie-Ella Xxx

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