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Autumn/Winter Fashion Guide

Aside from the seasonal novelties that autumn and winter annually grace us with; the rusty coloured leaves, pumpkin-spiced lattes and crisp smoky air, the frosty seasons’ favoured trait is undoubtedly the fashion that follows. The timeless chunky knits and oversized bobble hats, the draping trench coats and snoods (and now face masks!) to bury your face in on an icy morning. Whilst comfort and cosiness play a diligent role in autumn/winter fashion’s criteria, it’s important to remember that style doesn’t have to be compromised – and with a keen eye, can be used to your expressive advantage. 

*The links included within this article are not advertisements or affiliated links, but rather pointing you in the direction of some of our favourite pieces, totally free of personal/business gain!

The gradual change in temperature and daytime hours allows us to be diverse and creative, building layers and contrasting colours/ textures to develop a look that’s as unique as it is practical for the weather conditions. 

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So, without further ado, it’s time to swap those knackered jogging bottoms and dressing gowns for a bold silhouettes and accessories to match. We know how overwhelming it can be to reinvent your winter wardrobe when it comes to choosing key pieces, especially when they come with a price tag. To make this transition a little less stressful, we’ve compiled a style guide of our favourite staples for the chillier months – starting with the most crucial garment of all; a coat. 

All wrapped up:

A recent OnePoll survey conducted by Schöffel Country showed that more than half of respondents agreed that…  

‘When going for a walk or social activity outside, style and functionality of clothes are equally important.’

If there’s one activity we learnt how to master during lockdown – it was walks, albeit only being permitted one per day at the start. For those who have chosen to maintain this daily ritual, it’s vital to own a reliable jacket that accompanies you wherever you go.

If it’s for that local trip to the supermarket, this could be a sport-style puffer jacket from Whale Of A Time Clothing. If you’re venturing into the fields for a long day of hiking, why not opt for a classic tweed number from Schöffel Country? We’ve covered all bases here – even the styles suitable for brunching or and business meetings alike. That’s why we’ve included the sophisticated Cheltenham Coat from Farlows and statement parka from Fairfax & Favor

From left; Penzance Unisex Puffer Jacket in Navy, £149.95 by Whale Of A Time Clothing.  Ladies Ptarmigan Tweed Coat in Iona Tweed, £699.95 by Schöffel Country.

The cosiest knitwear:

Onto the ultimate mid-layer of winter fashion– knitwear. That irresistibly snug roll neck jumper that never leaves your side or a go-to pair of bed socks for those nights by the fire.

From top left; Cream Alpaca Bed Socks, £24, Pink Roll Neck Jumper, £95. Both items by Tom Lane. The Signature Stallion Poncho, £350 by Waring Brooke.

From bottom left;   Signature Heads and Tails Scarf, £85 by Waring Brooke. Ladies Irish Donegal Fairisle Knitted Jumper in Kirwan, £139.99 by Farlows. Sennowe Quarter Zip Jumper in Grey, £69.95 by by Whale Of A Time Clothing.

There’s nothing quite as comforting as warming your hands under some oversized sleeves or tucking your feet under a heavy throw. Play it safe with understated tones or brighten the room with poppy colours and eye-catching prints from the likes of Waring Brooke, Beaufort & Blake and Tom Lane. Seeing as Christmas is only round the corner too, why not add a festive touch to your outfit with a Fairisle knitted jumper from Farlows? 

Dust off those boots:

Boots take many forms and during the winter lend themselves to a plethora of situations; horse rising, dog walks, brunching in town or even elevating an outfit with a sleek fashionista touch. Whether it’s an Argentinian leather boot from pampeano or a thick rubber wellington from Le Chameau, we’ve got you covered with an expertly crafted range of quirky footwear to kick those winter blues and strut through the season in. Here’s a selection we’ve handpicked and think you’ll love! Featured above are the Jameson Women’s Quilted Leather Boots, in Caramel, £280 by Le Chameau.


It’s not always going to be cold enough to wear additional accessories such as a hat, scarf and gloves – but you should always be prepared for when you can’t leave the house without them!

The ‘finishing touch’ element allows you to play around with textures and contrast against other layers, for example pairing some of Farlows’ leather gloves with a chunky knit. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, why not show off your initials on a personalised Waring Brooke bobble hat? For the milder days, you could even add a touch of elegance with an autumnal fedora from Hicks & Brown

Of course, you’ll need somewhere to stash these when going indoors, so we’ve added a couple of our top-pick handbags:

From Left; Fairford Cross Body Bag in Tan, £120 by ASALI. Diversa Satchel Bag in Black Leather, £195.00 by pampeano.

So there you have it – a selection of our favourites from this season so far. Despite our bravery during the last two years with Covid-19, the cold can defeat us and leave us wishing we’d left the house more prepared – so don’t get caught regretting your decision to not invest in a hardwearing pair of gloves or a thick winter coat when your thermals and hoodies fail to serve you! 

In fact, the previously mentioned Schöffel Country OnePoll survey proved that the majority of voters agreed with the following statement… 

‘There is no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes.’

Article lovingly created by Lydia Tsiouva for In The Country.

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