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Beaumont & Bear Pjs.

When we saw the new Beaumont & Bear pyjama bottoms pop up on our Instagram feed we were in instantly in love, but what made us fall deeper, was that they are sustainably made in a bid to kiss goodbye to fast fashion. Read on to find out more…

This is not an ad, we just thought you’d like to hear about it!

Beaumont and bear sustainable pyjama shorts

Newly launched the Bigbury Pyjama bottoms are available in a short and trouser. The pjs are lovingly crafted from a super soft brushed cotton fabric and are perfect for WFH (just don’t stand up on any zoom calls!), curling up in front of a roaring fire…. or for those lazy days we all long for.

Featuring super stylish detailing, including a herringbone drawstring and branded elastic waistband, these beautiful pyjamas are presented in a striped pyjama bag, perfect for gifting… *cough, Valentines Day, cough*.

Beaumont and bear sustainable pyjama bottoms

Sustainability at the heart:

Beaumont & Bear, founded in 2007, are an online country lifestyle brand that believe that everyone and everything deserves a second chance at life, and this is just the same for the fabric they have used to make their extra special pyjamas.

In a time where fashion is heading towards a crisis point, and people’s shopping habits are in dire need of change, it takes a bold, brave and brilliant brand to put sustainability first, despite it being all too easy to opt for cheaper unsustainable options.

Here’s our favourite part; the Bigbury Pjs are crafted from a luxurious brushed cotton fabric that was bound for landfill, Beaumont & Bear have lovingly scooped up these remaining fabric rolls and re-worked them. Printing their bespoke washed navy stripe and then crafting them into beautiful pyjamas.

View the Bigbury Pyjama bottoms here: https://www.beaumontandbear.co.uk/collections/sleepwear

To follow the brand and keep up to date with new products, head to:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/beaumontandbear/

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@beaumontandbear

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