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But you work in an office?

Yes, I do.

After returning from New Zealand last April, I decided to get an office job to try as my mother put it ‘to be normal’.

Safe to say, I have tried. It isn’t me, and in the coming weeks hopefully it will be a thing of the past. Almost.

This post has been in the pipeline for a while, but has been prompted by a few people asking what I do, and what my connection with farming is.

Going from spending the majority of my time outside riding, moving sheep, milking cows or rolling fields in the tractor to sitting at my desk in front of a computer five days a week living off a diet of tea and copious amounts of cake and chocolate that is circulated around the office!

Talk about contrast.

I thought I wouldn’t mind the change, that it would actually be quite a welcome one.

6 months ago, when I embarked on this lifestyle change to try and help me establish some kind of routine in my life after coming home.

I never thought I would envy dairy farmers having to get up at 3am to get the cows in and ‘pull tits’ as we called it in New Zealand, or James for having to go out on the farm on those rainy, grey January days and check round the sheep, with the rain hammering down stinging your freezing face and hands like hundreds of needles penetrating you bare skin – but I did… I do.

I must admit, I do enjoy having the weekends off.

That is a welcome change – a luxury.

I was determined to get the most out of my weekends, whilst they were quite happy to sit around at home with hot chocolate, pyjamas and a messy bun watching movies all day. Being stuck in the office all week, meant I HAD to get out on the farm or in the countryside for risk of going stir crazy!

Any of you country bumpkins or avid equestrians who work a ‘normal’ office job during the week, will know what I am talking about.

Time outside is precious. I need to get my farming fix.

I find myself following James up to the farm on a Saturday or Sunday morning like an over-enthusiastic child to check on the sheep, move some hay or empty the muck trailer for the stable yard.

That keeps me ticking over for now…Yes okay, my days aren’t spent on the farm right now.

I won’t be lambing or calving this year, and I won’t be working harvest BUT that does not mean my roots in the country and my passion and love for farming doesn’t remain.

Until next time,

Love Hollie-Ella Xx

It just means my week days are filled doing something else – temporarily.

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