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I don’t know if you all have seen, but today I am Haynet’s Blog of the Day! In celebration of the Country Style Blogger of the Year Awards. Go on over and take a look…

With this being said, I thought I would share with you a true country classic. I have had these boots for a while now, and they have travelled to the other side of the world with me, due to today being ‘Throwback Thursday’ I thought I would share them with you…

The Cowgirl Boot.

My boots came from New Zealand as so I cannot find the exact product name, but they are made by Ariat and I have found  similar style called Legend, if any of you are interested…

As with any boots there are tonnes of styles to choose from, in particular different toe designs. I went for quite a pointed, but square end style. With teal stitching. The boots are fitted with Ariat’s comfort technology and they are brilliant. I could wear them for hours.

The heel adds the perfect sassy touch if you’re wearing them out in town, or to the pub, but equally makes it ideal for riding in.

I am not suggesting, you should ride a dressage test or go SJ in them, but for a hack out, or equally, a day in the hills of NZ, they were fantastic!

They aren’t commonly seen in the UK – I don’t really know why, because they are so gorgeous. The Legend as seen in the link above retails at £179.99! The great thing I always feel with Ariat is that they come in half sizes, so the fit is perfect. 

When you’re wearing them, your feet feel supported and you can literally feel the quality of the product.

They work well out on the high street or equally if you’re walking through the countryside or out with the horses during the warmer months they perform just as well.

The boots have a Duratread outsole, these boots also include a Goodyear leather welt for durable construction. With leather lining and a full-grain leather foot and upper, these are not just a seriously attractive statement boot but also really versatile.

Despite their roots being from across the pond, they are a real favourite of mine. I get lots of compliments on how unique they are when I wear them out.  I think Bell likes them too!

Here I am wearing my boots, in true country girl style, herding some cattle and sheep in the New Zealand outback. Cow girl boots are hugely popular in the US, Oz and NZ due to the lifestyle, and I have always been a sucker for it!

If you enjoyed this post, and haven’t already, there is still one day left to vote for the Country Style Blogger of the Year award! Head on over and put your vote in.

Until next time…

Lots of love,

Hollie-Ella Xx

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