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Dead Ends…New Beginnings

So any of you that follow me anywhere will no doubt have seen my hair in a number of my posts… its undoubtedly long. Well, it was.

I’m going to say now – this post is a little different to usual, but then again, so is what happened today…

I had wanted my hair cut for years, literally, I think the last time I had it cut was about 3 years ago… I get really nervous about people cutting my hair, I think it is the prospect of change that worries me.

Then I saw a post by an old friend of mine, Nick, who had moved to London to pursue his career in styling fashion forward hair. I took a look at his Instagram and was really impressed by the posts I saw… then I thought perhaps that is someone I could actually trust with the challenge of cutting my hair.

I was terrified about the thought of having have loads off, but he, along with James reassured me I would feel so much better for it, as it was sooo dead.

Being a country girl, my hair normally gets covered in my horse’s breakfast and vast quantities of hay…being so long it is normally ‘flung’ up on top of my head in a no-thought-has-gone-into-this kind of way. Which I guess can’t be good for it…

Nick works as an assistant at an award winning, leading salon in London called Taylor Taylor and is undergoing their training programme, having been selected for the 2017 GHD Style Squad I felt like I was in safe hands, still saying goodbye to my long locks wasn’t easy.

However, I think you’ll agree, it looks much better

There is so much change happening in my life lately, with tonnes more to come. So what better time to make this move…

It’s going to take some getting used too, but I prefer it already.

I used to sport a very elegant Medusa look, but no more. The difference between the two pictures is incredible. I haven’t had it coloured at all, the dead colour that I have had in the past was skillfully cut away, allowing the natural colour to shine through.

The way in which Nick finished my hair using the GHD Platinum Styler (which put my ancient pink GHD straighteners to shame!) and the GHD Smooth and Finish serum really helped to bring this out.

Head over to Nick’s portfolio page on Instagram to check it out: @hairbyncampbell

Until next time,

Lots of love,

Hollie-Ella Xx

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