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Editor’s Statement – In The Country

Today, I am going to get as real with you as I can. During these unprecedented times, the majority of businesses (big and small) have been affected: mine included. I am going to share with you some bad news followed by some good news so bear with me – this is tough to write/share.

Many of you will know In The Country has been lovingly created, produced and nurtured over the last four years by myself; single-handedly, that was until more recently when Kate Woodcock joined me as Assistant Editor and my business partner. As a business and media brand, our first priority is you, our readers, as well as my followers and all those who help to put together and publish In The Country each season.

Together, Kate and I have worked extra hard putting together our forthcoming Spring edition, so it is with heavy hearts that we have listened to advice and taken the difficult decision not to print the Spring Edition in the usual hard copy, gift-wrapped format.

As a small business owner, I cannot risk the uncertainty of printing this edition given the difficult and uncertain situation we all find ourselves in. In addition, I cannot at this time, source the gift- wrapping materials, you are all so fond of and that make ITC such a unique and special publication.

And so, whilst Spring’s edition will not be printed, despite having been designed and laid out by myself, I want to reassure you that Autumn/Winter’s edition will be going ahead and together, Kate and I are using this time to plan and begin work on this.

Those of you who have pre-ordered or are subscribers to the magazine, I want to genuinely reassure you that I have been wracking my brains in recent days about how we can make the most of this situation, and so I want to let you all know that your orders will be carried over to the Autumn/Winter edition and you’ll be able to use your existing order as credit for that edition later on in the year. The same goes for subscribers; you won’t lose out. You will be able to use the remaining editions on your subscription towards this one.

I totally appreciate that you may have questions, so I will be on hand to do my best to help and reassure you all in this unforeseen situation that we are all in. As I’ve said above, you won’t miss out, I am asking you to wait a while, we have everyone’s order on file (including subscriptions) and so, trust me we won’t forget about you when it comes to the Autumn/Winter edition.

Of course, I have a responsibility to inform you that refunds are available but, I whole-heartedly urge you to consider small businesses during this time – like mine.

Your £7.10 magazine order is equivalent to a cup of coffee and cake or a glass of wine for you and a friend. And, like I’ve stressed above, you’ll be able to use this for Autumn/Winter’s issue, you aren’t losing the money. So please, give a thought to those of us, whose businesses have been impacted by this global pandemic.

Onto the good news:

Whilst we won’t be printing this edition, I have made the decision to release the inspirational articles and stunning imagery online over the next few weeks on our new website. This way, we are still ‘publishing’ the content we have worked so hard to produce, but with a difference.

With tens of thousands of people at home during this lock-down period; loneliness, anxiety and depression will be prevalent during this time and so by choosing to share all of the content which would ordinarily be released to exclusive, paying customers. However, I feel that with the resources I have created, Kate and I wanted to do our bit to spread some joy, positivity and inspirational relief in the form of our articles – right at your finger tips.

Over 100 pages of In The Country will be re-created and shared on our website over the coming weeks.

We all know there is nothing better than at the end of a tough day, you can sit back, put your feet up with a fresh brew (or glass of wine – dependent on how tough the day!) And immerse yourself into a good article. Those key-workers, many of whom are customers and followers of ours will be able to do just that regardless of whether they’re a customer or not.

In actual fact, you’ll likely find it more interactive, being able to click directly through to products featured and businesses’ websites in articles where they’re mentioned. We’ve also reimagined how we can continue to support our advertisers as they have done so for us.

For now, I’ll leave it there, but thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you’ll enjoy and make the most of the free online content over the coming weeks. Your support during these uncertain times means more than you know.

I also want to thank Black Nova Designs; Kyle and Danielle Holmes for stepping up late last week to get the new website up and running to enable us to do this. Please go and take a look, our cover story is now live featuring Marina Gibson.

Until next time…
Lots of love, stay safe, stay at home,


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