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Evemy & Evemy Envy!

where to buy Ivermectin uk It’s official! We have made it through another week! The weekend is here!

http://livebroadcast.com.au/?product_brand=matrox Blogging has opened up so many doors for me and I am so grateful for everyone who has shown support and encouragement so far. The journey is only just beginning.

https://kruszbet.net.pl/4077-dtpl94756-jakie-portale-randkowe-polecacie-2017.html One particular lady blogging has introduced me to, is Sophie O’Neill Founder and Director of newly launched stylish ladies’ clothing brand Evemy and Evemy.

buying cytotec online without prescription I am sure by now most of you have seen Sophie’s beautiful designs and products over social media and modeled by a number of us country bloggers.

I wanted to take a different approach to featuring Evemy and Evemy, I hope some of you will find this relatable.

“Evemy & Evemy aims to provide stylish ladies’ clothing and accessories, offering both adaptability and sophistication in a range of natural colours and textures”

– Sophie O’Neill

  I had been in touch with Sophie for a few months, we met up at Parham Point2Point in March.

It was so lovely to put a face to a name I had been getting to know so well over social media and emails.

I picked up the beautiful Spelt – Donegal Tweed Choker in Biscuit that I had fallen in love with after seeing it modeled on her website.

This is where I am putting my spin on it.

I don’t like chokers.

At least I didn’t until I tried this little beauty. 

I have always seen friends and girls out and about wearing the high street styles and I just thought I couldn’t pull it off.

That wouldn’t suit me. How do they wear them? It looks so uncomfortable!

I am now, it’s safe to say, a total choker convert. When it comes to Sophie’s designs at least.

This gorgeous tweed choker is proof that you don’t need to stick to the traditional age-old tweed clothing pieces. The Spelt is a unique and modern take on a tweed, a definitive country style ingredient and is  the perfect addition to any country gal’s wardrobe.

It is so versatile and can literally step-up any outfit. 

For me personally, I like wearing it with my over sized checked shirt, leggings/black jeans. It is a subtle, gentle accessory to this outfit but really adds a special touch to a more casual outfit.

This a perfect ‘evening down the pub’ outfit. 

 The fabric is so soft and comfortable on your skin.

This was a really important quality for me as like you I’m sure, I don’t want to be feeling like I need to claw it off to breathe, which is how I first thought I would feel before trying it.

I love the ribbon tie on the back too, to fasten.

It is elegant and is a really nice unique touch to the product.

If like me, you have a lions mane, this product is perfect.

It doesn’t get lost in the mass of hair, rather it compliments it.

However,  it also looks great with an up-do, as it highlights the neck.

I always struggle to find necklaces that stand out within my mass of hair when it’s down. Silver really is the only option for me, with my hair as gold just gets lost, in my opinion.

As my fellow country blogging gal ‘Charlotte In England‘ quite rightly said in her review, The Speltin Biscuit is ideal for Brunettes like ourselves as it adds contrast.

This fabulous product is also available in Charcoal which I think will really suit Blondes and Red Heads. The Charcoal version can be seen here modeled by the stunning Amber Charlotte.

The verdict?

I was pretty anti chokers before I tried Sophie’s design, confident they wouldn’t suit me and I would feel like I was constantly being strangled, I had absolutely no desire to wear them.

However, I did fall in love with the images on Evemy and Evemy’s website which prompted me to get in touch and try it for myself in hopes my negative views would blossom into positive ones. They did

If like me, you are doubtful about the choker trend or whether or not one would suit you. Trust me, I would highly recommend trying one of these for yourself.

At £25.00 they are really affordable and come beautifully presented in a Evemy and Evemy cute little paper box which adds a really special touch to the shopping experience.

A note from Sophie on her stunning design:

“The Spelt choker is an on-trend twist on classic Donegal tweed. It is designed to add an elegant touch to your town and country wardrobe – from your race day outfit to pub supper attire.”

Another important point to remember Is that when you buy from small businesses like Sophie’s you are supporting someone’s dreams and ambitions.

Every single sale helps.

I have been fortunate enough to get to know Sophie quite well over the last few weeks and can honestly say she is a lovely lady with some really on point ideas for country style products.

The Spelt is not defined by seasons either, it is a beautiful addition to any outfit all year round. With new designs coming Evemy and Evemyreally is one to watch this Summer.

Until next time,

Love Hollie-Ella 


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