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Feel the fear and do it anyway

It’s Thursday! One more day until we have all successfully made it through another week! 

I recently re-downloaded the app version of my website hosting site – Wix.  When I first started blogging I would often quickly type out a post in my lunch breaks on my phone. A good friend of mine who uses the app to write her blogs reminded me that I no longer do and so I thought I ought to try and get back in to doing it. After all, the best ideas often come along with no planning or pre-thought at all, right?

So, what am I up to at the moment? 

Well, the Spring issue has officially been sent to the printers and is currently in the process of being printed. All with minimal hiccups… one being I forgot to send two pages in the first place! 

The whole process normally takes just over a week, from the submitting of artwork to the delivery of the magazines. To be honest, this is the most nerve wracking bit of the entire thing! In my opinion anyway.

For the first two issues, I used this week to relax a little and to catch up with myself after having my head buried in pages for weeks. I like to refer to this week period as ‘limbo-week’ as it really does feel like I’m stuck in limbo, from the moment I send the artwork until the moment I receive the magazines.

However this time round, I decided to do things a little differently. I decided to get myself organised for the weeks ahead. Ordinarily I would have slept in or chilled out at home but instead I caught up with the accountants, the spreadsheets, orders and even went to buy tissue paper, string and confetti all ready for the mad rush once the magazines arrive. I’m ready for you all this time around! I think…

Despite limbo week, this is when most of the sleepless nights occur. Wondering if it will print okay or have I missed anything or anyone. Terrified that it wont print correctly. I don’t think this feeling will go away for many issues to come. I’m just going to have to live with it. A friend of mine told me about a quote which I find really apt at the moment:

Feel the fear and do it anyway.

To any of you experiencing similar things at the moment or to any one who is thinking about taking a leap of faith and making a change be it in work, social or personal business. Do it. Take that jump. 

Until next time…

Lots of love,

Hollie-Ella Xxx

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