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Girl Power!

This is a post which I have been toying with for the last week or so.

Since I began blogging just over 7 months ago, I have been lucky enough to connect with some lovely people via social media and feel confident in saying that I even feel like some of these people have become friends throughout this journey.

In my early blogging days I spent a lot of time researching other bloggers, not just ‘country bloggers’ to find out about what they do, how it works and what kinds of opportunities are out there.

It is safe to say – and I have said this before – that I totally underestimated the amount of us. It is like there is a whole different world out there of bloggers, and fashion/lifestyle influencers.

I found that there are massive events, within the cities where these bloggers and influencers meet to socialise, hear other bloggers speak and share tips, gain new contacts and generally just have a great time with like minded people.

This got me thinking – why isn’t there something like this for us country bloggers?

Only last week, I was having a chat with Alice (from Alice & Country) about just that.

We concluded that there should be somewhere for us to all connect, support and encourage each other. I for one – I don’t know about the other ladies, am sick of this competitive attitude that has been in the air over the last few

months. Having seen troll accounts created just to mock and attempt to drag down certain country bloggers is horrid, and born out of jealousy.

So I decided to create a group for country bloggers and small country projects/brands where we can share thoughts, ideas, new posts and just have a good old chat.

Girls love that after all – don’t we?

I invited as many of the country bloggers that I could think of, and encouraged the girls to do the same.

In the last week or so, the group has gone from strength to strength and we are all planning to meet up within the next few weeks and also a number of us have now reserved a space at ‘The S&CBC National Ladies Shooting Day’ thanks to Kate In Country on the 10th of June!

Whilst I can’t wait to meet all the lovely ladies who are now a part of this amazing group, hopefully this first meeting will be the first of many.

It is so refreshing to see women supporting, helping and encouraging each other to blog, or post on social media instead of competing against them. I have had so many lovely comments from the ladies who are currently joined about how brilliant the group is.

In the last 7 months there has been a surge of country bloggers emerging all over the country, which I think is brilliant. We are so lucky to live the lifestyle we do, in the beautiful parts of the country that we do so I think it is a good thing that more and more people are sharing this with the world.

We are not only blogging about our lifestyle, featuring luxurious fashion items, reviewing events and sharing our personal views BUT more importantly, perhaps without even being aware that we are doing it, we are continually raising awareness for the British countryside.

Which is always a positive.

All of our blogs are different, and I think we can recognize that within the group.

Whilst I have invited as many country bloggers as I could think of; if I have missed anyone off and they would like to join, please send me a message and I will add you.

Also – anyone with a small country project please get involved; the more the merrier!

Until next time,

Hollie-Ella Xx

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