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Homemade fly repellent

The season of pesky flies have returned! Summer is always a wonderful time to have horses BUT the one negative to the warmer weather and sunshine filled days is the flies.

Keeping the flies off our horses and away from their eyes is a constant battle throughout the summer months and it can seem like we spend an endless amount of money on shop-bought fly spray but, Verena Bower aka Girl About The Yard has a homemade recipe for equine fly repellent which she has shared with us.


2 cups white vinegar
1 cup Skin-So-Soft oil (original product by Avon) linked here via Amazon.co.uk for £17.99 for 5.
1 cup water
1 tablespoon eucalyptus oil

How to make:

Add all ingredients to a spray bottle. Do not spray directly into eyes or nose; instead, spray some repellent on your hand or a cloth and wipe around the horse’s eyes and face.

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