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How to use affirmations for empowering positivity

If you follow Tara on social media or have worked on your mindset before, you might be familiar with affirmations. Affirmations are short, positive statements that instill positive beliefs and empower your subconscious mind as a force for good.

In this article, guest writer Tara of Tara Punter Coaching delves a little deeper into affirmations, explaining why they are an essential element of mindset work and gives you some tips to ensure your affirmations are working for you. 

How to use affirmations for empowering positivity:

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The concept of affirmations:

Have you heard the saying ‘what you believe is what you achieve’ or ‘if you tell yourself something enough your mind will believe it’? It’s SO true! Our minds don’t actually know the difference between reality and what we tell it. Here’s an example of how much of an impact that can have in a negative way on our minds and bodies. 

Imagine you have to stand up and speak in front of 200 people for 10 minutes. For most of us, the nerves would kick in, you overthink everything, disconnect from reality and your body begins to go into flight mode. To your mind, this activity feels terrifying and triggers the subconscious mind to give you warning signs that it isn’t safe to do this. In reality, it’s actually just a little uncomfortable. Your mind often confuses the feeling of feeling unsafe with feeling uncomfortable. 

It’s not because there’s any actual risk to your health or safety from standing up to speak in front of 200 people, it’s all in your mind. Your subconscious mind (whose primary job it is to protect you) warns you of danger ahead based on the knowledge it has. Your brain reacts the same way it would if you were in physical danger so you get a rush of adrenaline, you’re lightheaded, your heart is racing, and you feel sick. It’s all part of the fight or flight response associated with keeping you safe. Back in the day the primary job of your subconscious mind was to protect you from wild bears and other cavemen. Luckily these are no longer such a threat, yet our minds continue to behave in the same way! 

Affirmations use that same process but for good! They are powerful, positive statements which you can repeat out loud, write down or chant – however you want to do it to make sure they are fixed in your subconscious mind. Affirmations empower you, helping you improve any area that needs it within your life. After time, you’ll notice a lot less negative chatter in your mind and you’ll feel more confident and positive in your outlook on life. 

Manifesting with your mind:

Affirmations are linked with another favourite topic of mine – manifesting. The law of attraction, which sits at the heart of manifesting, is the belief that all thoughts eventually become things. Every thought you have is like a magnet, attracting the like to it so if you have negative thoughts, you will attract negative-ness into your life. That means that if you can train yourself to think positively, positive things will come to you. It also means the opposite is true. If you tell yourself “I’m not confident”, then you’ll not only believe that, but you’ll continue to manifest that too. You’ll be stuck in a negative mindset of disbelief. 

Affirmations reprogram your subconscious to believe positive and empowering statements. After all, it is your subconscious mind that forms all of your beliefs. When changing your mind and mindset, it’s the subconscious part we wish to work with. The conscious part is the part actively living your every day, but the subconscious part is the piece that takes up a whopping 95% and is 1 million times more powerful than the conscious. 

You should choose affirmations which target your own individual negative thoughts and insecurities so that you can banish negative thoughts and replace them with positive beliefs. So recognise what those negative thoughts and limiting beliefs are, then see how you can flip them into a positive re-frame.

Some examples include;

“I’m not confident.” –> “I’m working my way to being confident.”

“I can’t do this.” –> “How can I do this?”

“I’m so broke.”–> “Money making opportunities are all around me” or “I am willing to see my finances differently.” 

Believe the process to raise your vibration:

Does this all sound too simple to be true? That all you need to do is think of statements, repeat them a few times and all will be well in your subconscious and conscious mind? That’s because it is a little more complicated than that. You need to absolutely believe your affirmations, feel the feelings of them being true and trust the process. Just writing them down or saying them without connecting to them and TRULY believing they can be your reality won’t make that key subconscious shift… but believing them will.

Say them with conviction, say them as YOU, not as someone else reading them to you and believe them. It will raise your vibration and connection with the universe, instilling a powerful, positive mindset which will be your very best asset in life. 

Make sure you follow Tara on Instagram and like me on Facebook for more mindset and positivity tips. You can also learn more about my podcast ‘Tara Talks’ and my individual and group coaching services on my website www.tarapuntercoaching.co.uk 

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