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Instagram’s farmers to follow

Instagram influencers now exist in almost every walk of life. From travel and fitness to fashion and beauty and now, even farming.

Working on farms is something I long to do again. Surrounded by the sounds and smells of cattle; those early morning sunrises, the reward of rearing livestock, physical work ignites something in me, to which I know many readers relate.

Within the British agricultural industry there are now several names shining a light onto farm life. Sharing idyllic shots of life on the land, the most popular range from cuddling newborn lambs to smiling selfies beside monster machinery. Often accompanied by insightful captions, or narrated videos, such posts can be both informative and encouraging to their thousands of followers. 

For an industry which continues to suffer from negative press and a lack of education in mainstream schools and the media, ‘Insta-farmers’ are making waves in transforming our views of British farms. Through their engaging and honest content, a handful of individuals are seeking to challenge the farmer stereotype and highlight their role in the UK economy.

Some of In The Country’s favourite farming accounts, to follow include:

Globe Trotting Farm Girl

A Harper Adams University graduate, Charlie is a farm girl born and bred. Hugely passionate about educating the next generation on agriculture, she does this through informative Instagram stories and her work with the NFU (National Farmers Union). Charlie is also part of the game-changing #FaceTimeAFarmer scheme for schools.

Hannah Jackson aka The Red Shepherdess

At just 27 Hannah is fast becoming a key voice on the future of British agriculture. A farmer and contract shepherdess, Hannah recently appeared on Countryfile talking about the role of women in farming. Readers may also know her from her appearance on SAS: Who Dares Wins! 

With over 33,000 followers on Twitter, many of her followers (Hollie-Ella included) emotionally invested in her daily adventures as a contract shepherdess and farmer herself,  her blossoming relationship with partner Danny (@dannythefarrier). Their latest development is the arrival of his-and-hers collie puppies Swift and Drift, we are eagerly looking forward to following their training and development into working sheepdogs.

Ben Andrews aka Farmer Ben

Doing wonders both for modern farming and LGBTQ+ rights within agriculture, Ben is also famed for his moustache. With over 36,000 followers, Ben’s content includes photos and both informative and engaging videos of his daily life farming organic vegetables, arable and beef cattle in Herefordshire. 

Leading the charge in this area, Ben is doing wonders amongst a community often accused of being somewhat stayed in its ways and views. @weareagrespect is the global LGBTQ+ farmers network striving for #agrespect and #gayrights within the farming community.

The Chief Shepherdess

Zoë Colville, 29 is transforming the stigma that successful farmers can be fashionable too. With a growing following of 11,400 + followers on Instagram, Zoë was recently featured in HELLO! alongside her ‘insta-famous flock’. 

A city girl hairdresser turned small-scale farmer from Kent, Zoë shares her journey from first-time farmer to skilled professional and fashionista. Editor Hollie-Ella for one, has spent the last month or so invested in Zoë’s content as the couple embarked on the 2020 lambing season; sharing hugely informative videos via her stories and IGTV. With the highs and lows of a busy lambing season now over for another year, Zoë and her partner recently announced the birth of their secondary business The Little Farm Fridge, destined to become a home-grown meat delivery service using the couple’s reared livestock. 

If you’re interested in learning more about Zoë and her life on the farm, you can read our recent interview with her here.

Ally Hunter Blair at Wye Farm

His bio reads, ‘Young(ish) farmer in Herefordshire. Full time tractor cab singer. Born Mucky: Life on the Farm – Tuesdays, 9pm on Quest’. Ally has become the recent poster boy for the trials and tribulations of life as a farmer in Britain. Hit particularly hard by flooding late last year, Ally’s voice both on Instagram and on mainstream television brings humanity to the industry, something which is hugely important for the future of British agriculture.

If you haven’t already seen Born Mucky: Life on the Farm, watch it on catchup here.

ally hunter blair instragram wye farm
ally hunter blair instragram wye farm
ally hunter blair instragram wye farm

Emma Foot

A friendly face in farming, Emma successfully show the world just who our hard-working, passionate and dedicated farmers are. Hollie-Ella interviewed Emma earlier this year for the In The Country podcast, which you can listen to here

With her not-so-humble 16,000 instagram followers (and growing), Emma shares both her personal style and informative life-on-the-farm content. A fantastic face and voice for the future of women in farming, Emma is proof again that women in farming are here to stay.

Adam Henson

Adam is first and foremost a farmer, working on his family farm breeding and rearing some of Britain’s rarest livestock, and running The Cotswold Farm Park

In addition to being a presenter on Countryfile, his personal instagram shares engaging and educational content daily with over 16,500 followers. 

Posts capture life on his family farm breeding and rearing some of Britain’s rarest livestock, as well as the running of The Cotswold Farm Park

Proving a celebrity farmer still faces the same hurdles as any other, Adam has written a book. Entitled A Breed Apart it explores the animals that have shaped both the lives of his family and the landscape throughout the centuries. Click here to purchase the paperback. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article, if you’re on the hunt for some escapist accounts to follow in lieu of not being able to travel, click here.

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