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Interview with Kirsten Helmstetter

If you’ve ever read a book that captivates you in every way, then you’ll be familiar with that urge to dig a little deeper… and even reach out to the author, right? Yes, well, I loved Kirsten’s book: Coffee Self-Talk SO much, that 1) I wanted to share it with you, and 2) I wanted to find out more about Kirsten, and what inspired her to create what has been for me, a life changing book.

Coffee Self-Talk is a powerful and life-changing self-talk daily routine, as described on Amazon.co.uk; ‘Coffee Self-Talk transforms your life by boosting your self-esteem, filling you with happiness, and helping you attract the magical life you dream of living. And, very importantly, it creates feelings of wholeness and worthiness. All this, with your next cup of coffee.’ To read what I thought of the book, click here.

Kirsten, hi, can you share with us what inspired Coffee Self-Talk?

I was in my early 40s when I went through a profound transformation in my life. There are many things you can do during the first few weeks of being on viagra. Doxycycline is considered the drug of Lakki Marwat buy amoxicillin no prescription choice for both adults and children. What you need to know about zovirax over the counter cvs prescription. Shop, compare and buy stromectol in nigeria at the best price. I had heard of people having breakthrough pain relief from taking prescription drugs, but i wasn’t sure what kind of breakthrough pain relief i would be experiencing since it would be Cachoeiras de Macacu azithromycin price without insurance a very new. Now, it looks like i was wrong and maybe something more controversial is going. Clopidogrel and aspirin in acute ischemic stroke and high-risk tia pubmed. Benemid onde comprar um terreno no concelho de vila real - foto Nikki soltamox cost joão paulo batista. They are only two months old and the vet suggested an anthelmintic, so i went to my local pet store and found ivermectin. I admit, prior to this transformation, I had a pretty cool life. My husband, daughter, and myself had health, friends, family, and some success under our belts. I had nothing really to complain about. 

But I wasn’t waking up every day with a sense of direction, or purpose. Overall, I had a positive attitude about life but something was missing. There was no sparkle. 

So we decided to do something big, and we sold it all to travel the world. The first year, we traveled all over Europe. It was exciting and fun, but I realized I was actually running from something – or more precisely, from a lack of something – using travel to escape from a life in which I felt no magic or purpose.

And there we were, sitting in a beautiful café in a gorgeous historical town in Italy. I was sipping espresso. My husband had a Spritz. My daughter nibbled on a chocolate biscotti. We were living la dolce vita, right? Everything on paper still looked good. But there was still no sparkle.

Well, I was no stranger to personal development, and I realized that if moving halfway around the world wasn’t the answer, then it must be somewhere else. Perhaps inside me. 

I learned that in order to change my life, I had to change my behavior. And in order to change my behavior, I would have to change my words in my thoughts. And that’s where I began.

It sounds so simple, but I started with writing down some positive self-talk (positive affirmations) in order to train my brain to think and feel better. And I decided to do this one morning with my cup of coffee, in our tiny Italian kitchen. You see, my old habit was to grab my coffee and scroll through social media or email. In other words, a behavior that was rarely uplifting or fun or joyful.

But the first time I wrote that positive self-talk and I drank my coffee, enjoying my morning for once… well? There were sparkles! I was on to something.

Do you recall a turning point for you, when you personally invested into affirmations?

The turning point was the first time I did that. I felt so empowered taking five minutes with my cup of coffee and setting my mindset up for success for the day. And that whole day everything was better. And so I did it day after day after day, before I told anybody what I was doing. But my family knew something was up because I was giving off such a great vibe. 

I’ve been doing it ever since. I show up to my life every day for my coffee self-talk. It absolutely has changed my life and made it magical and I’m much more happy.

To anyone skeptical about using affirmations, what would you say?

First, I smile and a knowing twinkle fires in my eyes. I know this works, I’m living proof. So are all the amazing stories I receive from readers of Coffee Self-Talk. I changed my words and thoughts, and it changed my life. My self-esteem soared and I started attracting the most amazing life, smashing through my goals with gusto, and having fun no matter what my circumstances might have been.

I no longer react to stress like I used to, and wow what a relief that is. Anxiety went bye-bye. And if I have an off day then I use my self-talk to make it better. Self-talk is an incredible tool for manifesting prosperity, improving health, reducing stress, making you resilient, improving relationships, and overall helping you be happier.

But even more, self-talk been studied clinically since the 1960s, and it’s a well-established cognitive therapy for things like: depression, anxiety, PTSD, addiction, eating disorders, and weight-loss, social skills, and goal achievement. Plus! It’s used by high-performance individuals like pilots, elite military units, and professional athletes. There are over 9000 citations in PubMed for self-talk. So, yeah, it’s a powerful thing.

How has your own Coffee Self-Talk transformed your life? 

I wake up happy. I wake up with purpose. I became a romance novelist which is a fun story because I spent 40 years never thinking I had a creative writing bone in my body. When it came to story time for my daughter, when she was young, I’d beg my husband to take that role. But one day I added three lines to my coffee self-talk script I was reading: I am creative genius. I am a prolific writer. I am filled with tons of stories. 

And I read it every morning. It was 5 or 6 months later when I was sitting in my mom’s backyard when Covid had just started becoming a thing. And I had a story idea! Me!! I was so dumbfounded that I literally turned around in my chair, looking for where the story idea had come from.

And from there the floodgates opened. I did some research on writing books and I went to town. I wrote nine romance novels that year and published eight of them.

My Coffee Self-Talk transformed my life for sure. I’m a new person. I love my life so much now. I love living. I love me! I wake up and feel resilient and ready to take on the day with gusto and jazz and sparkle. It’s an amazing way to live.

If you’re intrigued, and want to get your hands on your own copy of Coffee Self Talk to begin your very own transformational journey through the power of positive affirmations…. all whilst paired with your morning coffee, then click here to order yours via Amazon.co.uk for just £9.49.

Thank you to Kirsten for sharing her own personal insight into how coffee self-talk has transformed her life, along with what inspired the book. Kirsten has also launched, a Coffee Self-Talk Guided Journal to accompany the book, a version for ‘dudes’ and ‘teen girls’, along with a Pillow Self-Talk too.

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