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Jump..GO ahead and jump

For me, so far on this crazy journey it has been all about the small steps.

However, today I took a big one.

Perhaps the first big one since I started blogging back in July.

I had reached a point where my vision and plans for the magazine had come to a head. I felt like I was standing one side of the river, and all my plans and ambitions where sitting waiting for me on the other side, and the only way that I could reach them was to jump straight in.

Today I did.

I handed my notice in at work.

I have been planning to pursue my dreams for months, trying to work out how I can make it all work and driving my family insane with my crazy ideas, but now it is really happening.

It isn’t going to be easy, that is for sure. I am going to need all of your support to make this happen but I believe in my idea and that is what matters.

There have been so many times I have doubted myself and my ambitions and thought about giving up – just quitting but it is days like today I am SO glad I didn’t.

6 months ago, I would never have thought I would be where I am now, ready to embark on the next chapter of my life with the most important people in the world backing me all the way.

The support I have received so far from brands and businesses out there has been overwhelming, everything has been kept pretty secret over the last couple of months and it has been so tricky to keep so quiet I am so excited to finally be able to start to explain what I am up too!

I am not going to lie, the thought of going it alone is daunting. What if I can’t make it work? What if no one wants to buy what I am offering? What if?

But then I think to myself, yes all these are questions to ask yourself and things to bear in mind…

What if I can make it work? What if my crazy little ambitious dream becomes your next favorite magazine? What if?

have always been a dreamer, so many people often commenting about how I live in my own ‘bubble’ and how my head is in the clouds.

Maybe I do, and maybe it is… but I am young and ambitious and I am taking the jump.

What have I got to lose? I don’t have children (human ones), I don’t have a mortgage, or an established career yet.

If I fall, I will pick myself back up, dust myself off and try again.

Here’s to new adventures

Until next time,

Love Hollie-Ella Xx

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