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hollie ella wearing schoffel with shotgun
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Late night thoughts… 🌙

Hi everyone – late night blogging has caught on, I’ve got the bug.

So I am wrapped up in my bed with my little doxie to keep me company after a lovely evening and an even lovelier weekend!

I think it is true what they say about how the mind reels late at night when you’re lying down in bed reflecting on the thoughts of the past day, week, month and even year. I know it is true for me anyway, I’m not sure about you?

It is safe to say juggling everyday life, my youngster, social life, It’s A Country Life and the ‘other job’ has been a lot harder than I first thought and I have definitely been guilty of letting things slip a little when it comes to the blog.

I think part of it was I had been carrying the ‘secret’ around on my shoulders for a few months now, I am a really closed person – or have been until recently. I think when you go through traumatic times, as I have – you just shut yourself off from people. It’s sort of like acting – on stage you’re this character and once the lights go down and the curtain is drawn you let go and can go back to being you. My parents are constantly on at me for being so dismissive of their interest or concern… but it is just how I have learnt to cope with things that are/were going on.

None of my friends or wider family know about It’s A Country Life other than my parents, until this weekend when I decided to tell two very important people in my life what I had been up too. Safe to say – I was terrified.

I told my very good friend first, and I was overwhelmed by her response. She was so excited for me and really loved the idea. It was so nice to hear someone sharing the same level of enthusiasm and belief in my idea as me!

It was a welcome relief really, letting me know my idea wasn’t entirely crazy and that it was interesting to people other than myself! I can’t thank you enough for your support pickle (you know who you are)!

Secondly, I confessed all to the special someone in my life. This was definitely scarier, I even had to tie my hair up off my face and neck I was so full of nerves! 

When I think back now – I have no idea why, and why I hadn’t told them earlier.

I have always been so worried about what people would think or say after the last few years, that I just kept it all to myself. I remember flicking through the website as fast as I could, refusing to look at him, not wanting to see his reaction. Being sure not to click on any of the posts so I could get it over and done with, with as embarrassment as possible. 

‘Don’t be silly’ he said, and he was right, since I shared my secret the encouragement and support he has given me has been amazing. It has given me the motivation to keep going and work harder to achieve my goals. So thank you for that. 

I guess I was embarrassed of people I know reading my posts; when my ‘dating a farmer’ post was shared on the NZ Farming page reaching 93,000+ people with people I knew liking, sharing and commenting, tagging other friends in it was so nice to see but despite my then partner encouraging me to reveal it was me – the thought of friends of ours knowing I had written that made my tummy turn.

I posted a little teaser on Facebook today and on Instagram this evening of exciting things to come.

This weekend we did the first ever shoot for It’s A Country Life featuring Schoffel, it’s the first time I have done something like this and thanks to these two I had such a laugh plus it looks amazing too!

I love it and cannot wait to share the images with you and I hope you like it and enjoy flicking through as much as we enjoyed snapping the images! 

We also have Hidalgo Equine’s shoot coming up, so no stopping us now!

Here is a sneak peak!!

hollie ella wearing schoffel with shotgun

Anyway, I am off to sleep now after a lovely last few days.

Hope you all had a good Monday.

P.S – you’re showing me good eggs do exist 😉

Hollie Ella


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