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LIFESTYLE ‘Eton Mess Country Style’

‘Eton Mess Country Style’ Recipe

I am not one to over complicate things when cooking, and so this is a fairly simple one as Eton Mess goes.

You will need:

A punnet of strawberries

A punnet of raspberries

800ml double cream

8 meringue nests

Sloemotion Sloe Gin (10 – 12 cap fulls)

Chop the strawberries, into small pieces and raspberries in half.

Electrically whisk the cream in a large mixing bowl, gradually adding cap fulls of gin into the cream.

Begin to add the chopped strawberries and raspberries into the cream and gradually meringues into the mixture by crushing them above the bowl and stirring into the mixture.

Add a few more cap fulls of gin by pouring this over the mixture and stir everything together.

The gin addition is purely for your own taste, I used about 12 cap fulls and felt this tasted just right and wasn’t too over powering but just stick your finger in as you go and see what you think, then add more if you feel it needs more.

Enjoy! Xx

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