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My Life with Kath Pentecost

Here we introduce our new My Life columnist, movement teacher Kath Pentecost – and her lurcher puppy, Nan.

Known by her clients as ‘the spine whisperer’, Kath’s smiling, lurid-sock-wearing approach to life is right up our street. Over the coming seasons Kath will share her adventures, some thoughts and wise words from Nan, exclusively with us.

Even more exciting, readers are invited to ‘meet’ Kath (and the ever-curious Nan), at an online movement class. To register for a class click here. All public classes are by donation only and anyone currently working in the NHS gets a free pass as a thank you.

About Kath

I’m Kath and I’m a movement teacher, dog person, and have-a-go-maker living in London (whilst considering a Scottish island for my next move). My background is in Pilates, Myofascial Training and functional movement so I’m interested in the myriad of ways you can move your body and stay present within it. Not here to tell you how to get washboard abs, just sharing some thoughts on living well and being adaptable.

Image by: Olivia Rawes

Thoughts of late

This year I’m applying the idea of sustainability to life. Thinking about that illusive search for ‘balance’, that most of us are familiar with, the penny finally dropped that balance is just not the right word. Balance implies a state of equilibrium or stability whereas life is always going to have unevenness to it.

Philosopher Alain de Botton speaks about being content as a temporary state and if we can accept that, it also makes it easier to accept malcontent being temporary also. I find this extremely comforting and ultimately a more sustainable and less torturous way to move through life.


You want to use less plastic, you’ve got unwanted fabric kicking about and you enjoy trying a new process…why not make your own beeswax wraps? All you need to do is dig out your most garish fabric scraps (thin cotton is ideal) and yours or your Grandmother’s pinking shears, then purchase a waxing bar to get the mix of bees wax, pine resin and coconut spot on. Get Radio 4 on full blast and you’ve got yourself a relatively mess free rainy Sunday dream right there.


Introducing the most recent love of my life, Nan, my scruffy lurcher puppy who I rehomed form Norfolk Greyhound Rescue last autumn. Admittedly dog ownership isn’t the best thing we can do for the planet, but with a few small steps I do try to minimise the impact. First up is food; we avoid beef, opting for other meats such as chicken and duck-based food (and Nan loves fishy treats). If opting for fish-based, be sure to check it’s sustainably sourced.

Next consider the packaging and less is more; which is why I chose cold pressed pellets that come in large bags, as opposed to wet food that’s typically packaged in individual trays/tins. After the food we must consider the inevitable poo bags; this is probably the thing that pains me the most as a city dwelling dog owner, but going biodegradable on these is an easy switch to make and it’s something.

Lastly, and especially as Nan is still in the puppy phase, I have to consider toys; you can go DIY (a tennis ball in an old sock is very popular in my house, or even better ’treat ravioli’ which is a toilet roll sealed at either end with tape and filled with treats) or seek out plastic-free toys made from sustainable materials such as the gorgeous Salt Tribe collection which are a hit with Big Nan.

Word du jour


1. the act of stretching or yawning, especially on waking
2. a yawn

Get inspiration from your resident dogs, cats, hamsters etc and take time to relish your pandiculation, whether it’s from slumber or simply after a little sit down. It helps to awaken the body and plays a role in resetting the nervous system, ready for movement.

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