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New websites with Black Nova Designs

Having started out in print In The Country is now a multi-platform brand, with a beautiful print quarterly, an informative podcast channel and a visually-led new website, which Black Nova Designs are proud to have created.

At Black Nova Designs we believe a website is the most important asset of any brand and our business is built around supporting others in getting their online presence right.

Your website is your go-to portal and main hub of information, where you have full control of how it looks and feels, as well as ensuring information is backed up and secure. Whether you are looking to generate revenue from an online business or share your message with the world though an illustrative blog, a website is the ideal platform.

In this hyper-functioning world, new mobile devices are being released constantly, with different screen sizes and response requirements. In order to stay current, updating your website every few years is imperative, both for your brand and its audience.

Fresh content drives more traffic, just as new and interesting content in each issue of a magazine invites new readers. Keeping the content up to date on your site builds trust between you and your customers. Most likely, customers rely on your site for useful information on whatever market you are in, or read your blog to keep up to date with the latest interesting news or facts.

Website developers like ourselves have seen a enormous spike in enquiries and new clients since the lockdown, with many smaller businesses realising the value online business has and its necessity in this unprecedented and trialling times. Having a responsive, modern and well designed website will not only allow businesses and bloggers to remain ‘open for business’ but also provides a great space for customers to interact, browse and even shop whilst adhering to those vital social-distancing regulations. Even if you already have a website, like In The Country which was previously built and hosted on Wix, using this time to re-evaluate and re-vamp your existing website during lockdown is a fantastic idea and one which has seen an incredibly positive surge in traffic for Hollie-Ella and the team at In The Country since this new site’s launch – built on WordPress.

Eco-friendly website hosting

Black Nova Designs are proud to offer eco-friendly website hosting, enabling customers to do their bit for the environment. In short, we aim to achieve 100% carbon neutrality for all the client servers, because being a team of countryside lovers, we understand the importance of our environmental responsibilities as a business.

We are committed to continue to improve and minimise impacts on the environment at any opportunity and will encourage customers to continue this wherever possible. In The Country as you are viewing it now, is a new website, designed to create more conversations, share more views and increase brand awareness.

Today an online presence can take many forms, but what is important to us is building a community of people who love your content, share the lifestyle and values of your magazine and appreciate its message.

Scaleable websites

A blog or website can be created without vast costs; a small and simple blog site on WordPress with Black Nova could be as little as £34 per year, or £84 per year for a larger site. One thing to note, is the a WordPress website with us means that you own the site, you have full control over it and it is entirely yours – this is not always the case on other platforms or hosts, so do keep this in mind when shopping online.

Black Nova offer a friendly, environment where free support and advice is always at the end of the phone. We understand technology can be frustrating at times and are here to ensure your website works as a useful tool and makes your life easier, not harder.

So, if you have a website ensure it is user-friendly, intuitive and attractive to get those conversions your brand deserves. Build trust, build value and get your site or blog to where you need it to be today, because that it is what is there for isn’t it? …and lastly, go visit and our new website, it was a long time coming for us, we had wanted to revamp our website for years but this always seemed to get pushed to the back of the long list of client’s websites that needed updating or building from scratch.

Follow Black Nova Designs on Instagram or click @blacknovadesigns or call the team on 01793 210045 for some friendly advice! Photography within this article by Jasmine Punter Photography.

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