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Out with the old, in with the new…

Happy Monday everyone!

I can imagine a large majority of you are suffering from post Game Fair blues along with the standard Monday blues, but I can assure you this will be a good read.

If you saw my Instagram post earlier today, then you are probably wondering what is she on about, well I am let me divulge to you.

Issue 1 was a resounding and overwhelming success, however we have come to the decision to change the name moving forward. Not only this BUT we are completely re-branding. Onwards and upwards as they say… to bigger and better things!

Now, admittedly, I have become slightly attached to my little handle over the last year and will be somewhat sad to see it go, but I have grown a lot as a person in that time and so has the brand, it seems fitting to make changes here to which reflect this.

I believe I have always been pretty open and transparent with you all and I want to continue to be which, is why I want to involve you. Without a doubt, the magazine would not have been such a fantastic success without your support, encouragement and just general lovely-ness from day one. 

What will we change it too?

Well, this is where you guys come in. I do have a couple of ideas already, but I may still be looking at things with my IACL blinkers on SO I want you to come up with some suggestions for a new name.

If we feel that someone suggests a winning name then they will be given a write up in the Winter issue about where the idea came from and why as well as ONE YEAR’S FREE  subscription to the magazine!

If we choose to go with one of the existing ideas we will pick a runner up, who will be given a FREE copy of the Winter issue.

So, get your thinking caps on guys – send your suggestions via email to: [email protected]

Remember, change is goodand I cannot wait to embark on the next stage of my journey with you all.

Until next time,

Lots of love,

Hollie-Ella Xx

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