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It’s only natural that as humans, we leave a trail of evidence behind us everywhere we go. Food wrappers, food waste, water, imprints in the ground, skin care products etc. The list is nigh on endless as you can imagine…

There have been some truly alarming stories in the media lately and you’re bound to remember the image that went viral with the tiny little seahorse and the cotton bud in the ocean?

To refresh your memory or if you haven’t seen it before… here it is. This incredible and really quite sad image was captured by Justin Hofman, Wildlife Photographer of The Year.

It might look cute but actually it is a real eye opener. That cotton bud should never have ended up in the ocean in the first place.

 When I started the business, I knew I wanted to create something truly special with regards to the packaging. Something that would make I.T.C unique and memorable. Using the confetti and tissue paper to wrap the magazines was something I was adamant about from day one. The ‘twine’ used to tie the magazine was mum’s (a.k.a – my 2IC) idea, along with the wooden hearts. Even the envelopes and stamps are recyclable!

Now all of this makes us different, it makes us who we are and best of all, it is all recyclable.

The ONLY thing that isn’t 100% recyclable is the sellotape.  However, upon doing some research it is suggested that small pieces of sellotape can and are removed in the recycling process and so whilst we haven’t found the ideal solution YET we are now using minimal amounts of sellotape in order to make the process easier and more efficient for the people who actually recycle the waste.

Being mindful of the environment is a really hot topic at the moment with people like Starbucks trialling a scheme being called the ‘latte-levy‘ where they are introducing a 5p take-away scheme to try and encourage customers to bring and use their own re-usable cups in order to reduce

the amount of waste produced. You’ll surely have heard about the proposed drinks can and bottle deposit return scheme? It may seem like everyone is going a bit crazy with the whole

eco-friendly‘ thing and we are all beginning to channel our inner hippy BUT it so important to do your bit, in any way you can. 

Being a business owner now, we print a lot of magazines, compliment slips, invoices etc. We also send out a LOT of mail and receive a fair bit too. We also have the packaging as I mentioned earlier and so by doing what we can to reduce the trail we leave behind us…we are making a difference. Even if it is a tiny, minuscule amount… it still counts as change. 

Now that I have power to make a a positive or negative impact on the environment, I have never been more aware. We can all do our bit for the world that we live in, regardless of how insignificant it may feel, it matters.

Now as much as it makes me sad to imagine anyone throwing a copy of the magazine away… if you do, think before your throw. Now you know all of our packaging is recyclable make sure you put it in the green bin, we don’t want to see any beautiful sea horses clinging onto our wooden I.T.C hearts. 

Also – if anyone has an alternative suggestions to sellotape I would really appreciate hearing from you. Whilst our packaging is still ok to be recycled as it is, it would be great to know that we are doing everything in our power to reduce our packaging footprints.

Until next time…

Lots of love,

Hollie-Ella Xxx

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