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PONYO – Behind the scenes

Our horses – and pets in general – are our pride and joy. We love to make them feel special, loved and like part of the family, right? And sometimes, given the opportunity, we love dressing them in some funky outfits too! Our horses and ponies spend a fair amount of time in rugs; stable rugs, fly rugs, turn out rugs, travel fleeces etc, the list goes on. So, with that in mind, why shouldn’t they look fabulous at the same time?!

Well, PONYO Horsewear certainly thinks they should! Founded by Georgina Bellis-Jones and Rome The Mini over a mutual love of bold patterns, Georgina set about to create rugs which would reflect the inner sass and character of Rome and equines everywhere!

Matchy-matchy get-ups have become quite the thing in the equestrian world, with ponies’ wardrobes definitely outdoing their owners. Le Mieux may perhaps be the king of this when it comes to matching colour co-ordinated saddle pads, base layers, bandages, fly viels, hat silks and more! But, when it comes to patterned rugs, new brand PONYO Horsewear have it nailed!

Though ordinarily funky or outlandish prints may be reserved for ponies and children, there is no denying that PONYO‘s collection offers designs that appeal to us all, though who am I kidding, I’m a huge child at heart! Having started out with only pony sizes, the collection now caters for horses right the way up to 7’3″ (unfortunately for my bank account!).

As a personal fan and customer of this booming new brand, when I received the newsletter about the new collection and photoshoot, I wanted to find out more. I reached out to founder Georgina and she was kind enough to tell us all about it and why this latest shoot was so special – we’re sure you’ll agree once you see the ADORABLE images!

“This was a big shoot for us, as due to Covid we had not done a shoot for some time but had a lot of new products arrive during that time, so we had a lot to get squeezed in to the day. It included turnout rugs, stable rugs, fleece rugs, travel boots, fly rugs and masks, and our new sparkle tack sets!”

Having organised the shoot through PONYO’s exclusive sponsored young rider, who’d just been given the incredible opportunity to move to Ellie McCarthy’s incredible new facility in Dorset. “I had spoken to Ellie a bit on Instagram through Rome’s account (@rome_the_mini ) and as she’s a big fan of his, she was more than happy for us to come down to do the shoot there so she could meet him! Plus she was even kind enough to get involved in the shoot with her amazing dressage stallion Lancelot, which made for some incredible photos we hadn’t planned for!”

In keeping with the heart and sole of the brand, Georgina chose to work with photographer, Georgie aka Life On The Yard and founder of EqusEye, given she is a passionate equestrian herself and has the knowledge and skill of working with some other big equine brands.

Shoot day:

  • Arrive at home-yard for approx 6am getting everything ready, before heading off on the 2 hour drive to Ellie’s beautiful yard in Dorset.
  • Arrive in Dorset for approx 8 am, ready to start shooting at 8:30. The shoot lasted until approx 5pm!

Rome and Popcorn, the palomino model, owned by PONYO’s sponsored rider, are said to have developed the ‘strongest bromance known to man and at one point, due to rubbing their faces together so much, got their head collars intertwined!’ 

Ending the day with a test run of PONYO’s turnout rugs, and a well earned gallop around the paddock for models Popcorn and Rome, with the most perfect Insta vs Reality sequence caught on camera (see below!), Georgina recalls how, “Rome even got to stay the night at Ellie’s stunning 5* yard AND visited the beach the following day – he had the best time!”

To shop the PONYO collection, visit their website and as much as I don’t want to wish the summer away, I cannot wait to see their A/W collection! Turnout rugs at the ready!!

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