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Range Rover Off-Roading at Eastnor!

Hello everyone, how are we all?

After a two hour drive back from Black Nova Design’s office this morning in my little Ford, I can confidently say I would much rather have been driving these beautiful Range Rover SE Vogues. It is hard to believe that this was already a week ago! My my my, how time flies!

You may have seen my Insta stories during the day of me driving around the Estate however, what I wasn’t able to share was action shots and an on-lookers view of what we got up too but luckily there was a wonderful photographer on hand to capture all of the action first hand!

Land Rovers have always been my marque of choice with a nice gunmetal grey Discovery with contrast black features being my absolute dream car. Girl Boss ambitions there perhaps? It’s good to have goals though right?

So, Tom from the Jaguar Land Rover press team was an absolute star host and made us all feel really welcome and relaxed which, for me, was a relief. I still find meeting new people and attending events through the business rather terrifying but we honestly all had such a laugh!

The location for our highly anticipated off-roading experience was nestled within the picturesque grounds of Eastnor Castle, built in 1812. The Estate is currently privately owned by two brothers; James and George. Whilst James currently lives within the castle, George lives nearby. There is history of the family having been here for 400 years.

The castle is surrounded by some 5,200 acres of land and Land Rover have been lucky enough to have used the Estate since 1961. Back then, it was used to test the capability of the cars before launching to the general public but now, it’s our playground!

I was amazed at how easy to drive I found the Range Rover. It wasn’t too bulky or heavy to manage it was smooth, sleek and sophisticated with the obvious added luxuries that only a Range Rover can deliver. This was my first experience driving a Range Rover and I loved it, I felt comfortable and not out of my depth in a larger car. This is a car that is truly breathtaking inside and out. Speaking about the interior of the new Range Rover, Gerry McGovern, Chief Design Officer, Land Rover explains that:

“The new Range Rover’s interior provides a more refined and spacious cabin than ever, with a focus on improving the customer experience from the very first contact. With this in mind, we have used higher quality materials to create a truly luxurious experience. The wider seats and enhanced stowage are obvious changes, but it is the little touches throughout that combine to make this such a compelling design.” 

The intelligence of the car is something that amazed me. It’s ability to adjust and handle such varied and challenging terrain with seemingly effortless ease was something I had never experienced until now. The different Terrain Response modes engrained into the car is fascinating, we worked our way through the vast and unforgiving Estate grounds using a number of them including; Mud & Ruts, Rock Crawl, Wade Sensing and Hill Descent Control all enabling the car to master the challenges in front of us.

^ I can’t believe I was able to do this! This is me driving and it looks even more incredible now that I can see the photos of myself doing it. I just want to thank Jaguar Land Rover (and Andy my instructor on the day) for such a fabulous and genuinely unforgettable experience!

I have loved cars from a very young age, growing up around them and sharing my passion with my father who I know, would have absolutely LOVED to experience what I was able to with the team at Eastnor. The technical terrain response capabilities and off-roading ability of these cars is fantastic. Whilst generally most people who purchase Range Rovers will never get to experience this unrivalled performance like we have. I’m not sure however, I would be brave enough to take such a fine car through the mud, deep water and woodland we ambled through last week, if it were my own!

As much as I could talk to you all evening about the drive, I should probably let you all go and enjoy your evening. I have a hugely exciting few days planned at the end of this month with the team at Jaguar Land Rover official and so I cannot wait to share it all with you, keep an eye out for my Instagram stories as I will be taking you all with me! I don’t want to tell you anymore BUT I am seriously excited! 

Until next time…

Lots of love,

Hollie-Ella Xxx

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