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I feel confident in saying that I am sure the majority of you will have heard of the iconic Fairfax & Favor, some of you may even own some of their products.

I was lucky enough to be invited up to HQ in Norfolk to meet with Marcus to discuss a number of exciting potential future prospects for both his brand and my own.

The day finally came and I made the looooooooong old drive up to meet the team, 3 and a half hours from my home town to be precise.

Safe to say it was a welcome sight when I saw the sign.

I must admit, I was nervous.

Before I embarked on this this adventure,  I had little self confidence or belief in myself (an on going battle).

However thanks to It’s A Country Life new doors are opening for me everyday and slowly but surely I am building up the confidence to walk through them all, when this time last year I probably would have shut them before exploring what’s on the other side.

I have been lucky enough to meet and connect with new people across the country (and even the world) through blogging. 

It was crazy to think I was heading to the same place Made In Chelsea’s Binky and JP had visited  just a few days prior.

I adore the products, without exception. Every one captures the essence of classic country style, sophistication and affordable luxury.

The brand dominated the trade show circuit last year and I imagine will do so again this year; bringing some exciting new products along with them. – Trust me you wont be disappointed.

After a catch up and quick tour of the building, Marcus suggested we tackle the showroom  – a welcome task.

If you follow either of us on Instagram you will hopefully have seen our Instagram stories of our attempts to refurbish the showroom.

Tan was undoubtedly the theme.

It was amazing to see behind the brand. The belief the boys have in their vision is so refreshing, Marcus even told me how he cleared out the old stable blocks by hand to make room for the store rooms.

Whilst the building wasn’t totally finished when I went to visit, I think I went at the best time as I got to see the reality behind the brand, the roots of what will be an amazing location to visit for bespoke orders and luxury tailored shopping experiences.

The location of the headquarters is a perfect fit for the brand. Nestled in rural Norfolk, on a stunning country estate it couldn’t match the brands essence any more if it tried.

Fairfax & Favor really is the epitome of classical British country style.

It will be so lovely to go back and visit once everything is finished, hopefully with a finish product ourselves. I was lucky enough to leave with a pair of gorgeous pair of tan suede Reginas, they are a very cherished edition to my wardrobe, even little Bella agrees – she is a fan of the tassels!

Here are some photos of my visit.

Until next time,

Lots of love,

Hollie-Ella xx

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