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So, last weekend I attended The Game Fair which was held this year at Hatfield House.

Having never been before, I feel I perhaps made a rookie error by driving there and back each day…

I was quite overwhelmed at how big the event actually was. Being a newbie to the whole business world, I thought I would be organised and plan my weekend as follows; Friday was to be for business meetings and introductions, Saturday I had envisaged being the social day, where I could do my County Equestrian Jeweller’s take over and enjoy catching up with a number of friends plus I would be travelling up with Kate In The Country, as if that wasn’t social enough! Then on the Sunday, James and I would be going together and business was strictly off limits it was the day for us to shop and spend some quality time together – something which has proven quite tricky what with him being a farmer and it being Harvest as well as me launching the magazine.

Did the weekend go down like that? Not really…

Purely down to the fact that it was SO big. Even with three days I didn’t manage to get round everyone!

That being said, it was a seriously invaluable show for me in terms of meeting new people and catching up with existing connections!

The shooting scene was one that I hadn’t really started exploring when we were putting together the first issue for two reasons; we were still learning who our audience was and also given the time of year the focus wasn’t really on shooting, whereas now heading into the latter part of the year – the game season will soon be upon us and will tie in nicely with the launch of Issue 2.

You may have seen on the Saturday and Sunday I did a take over for County Equestrian Jewellers following our recent brand ambassador announcement! They had some stunning new additions to their shooting collections, along with the beautiful equestrian themed jewellery that I literally cannot get enough of!

 It was so lovely to see Chris and Christina and catch up with them – we are so excited for the future of County Equestrian Jewellers and the partnership I now have with them.

James has even put in his request for a Shotgun Cartridge bangle in a larger size because he loves mine! Luckily for me it is just that much too small for him!

 I fell in love with these brand new Cissie mole skin jeans from Teddy Edward – I have wanted to try them on since I saw they were released on social media! Teamed with their classic Heythrop polo shirt in red it works really well by bringing out the initials which can be personalised on the front pocket and works really well with their logo on the bum! I will be definitely getting my hands on a pair for the upcoming season.

These guys have been so lovely and I can’t thank them enough for their hospitality over the weekend, thanks to Liv as well for the yummy PIMMS.

Although the weekend was good fun, it was hard work. I am over the moon to be back at home,  on the farm with my two favourites.

They say you never see the man behind the boyfriend behind the blogger but here he is!

I have a feeling that issue two is going to be seriously good! A new name, a new season and a new issue!

I can’t wait to share it with you all.

Thank you Game Fair 2017, you were fab! See you next year!

Until next time,

Lots of love,

Hollie-Ella Xx

 I can’t remember exactly what stand this was on but I couldn’t help taking a picture, because I thought it was so beautiful. I want one in my house!!

I want to say thank you to so many of you who came and said hi to me throughout the weekend, it really is such a lovely surreal feeling.

I’m not sure if any of you saw, but my lovely friends at Mackenzie & George had a few copies of the magazine on display on their stand over the weekend, however by the end of it they had all disappeared – give me a shout if you grabbed one! I hope you like it!

I have spent today following up all of the meetings I had over the weekend and making contact with so many fabulous new businesses who’s cards I picked up across the three days.

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