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The Goodwood Blogger’s Big Day Out: Part One

Wow, what a day. I have to say I sincerely take my hat off to the team behind this event, it was fabulous. I have tried to keep my Instagram story ticking over throughout the day to keep you all in the loop but I have a temperamental iPhone and so it just wasn’t on my side a lot of the time. I took tonnes of photos though and so this post will be pretty visual so enjoy! 

I have lived in West Sussex all my life and have grown up surrounded by the sounds and smells of Goodwood’s world-renowned motor circuit, thanks to my Dad. We would spend weekend after weekend watching the cars race by during my childhood and in fact as I have grown up, Goodwood Estate has become an even more integral part of my life. Whether it be days spent at the races, attending the annual motoring spectacles and now my invariably daily visits to the Health Club in preparation for the Magnolia Cup this coming August. When I received the invitation to the ‘Blogger’s Big Day Out ‘I responded confirming my attendance within minuets, of course I would be there!

It is always pretty daunting not knowing who you will meet at these events and I almost never like to ask in advance, the element of surprise makes it all the more exciting. I received an itinerary via email about a week or so before and I have to say the whole day ran swimmingly even with having to resort to Plan B due to the weather. 

Meeting at The Kennels, (Goodwood’s member’s lodge) at 9 am before the first activity of the morning which was clay shooting at the newly renovated clay shooting grounds.

 Waiting outside were two quintessentially country-esque Land Rover Defenders which would become our methods of transport from various point to point throughout the day, the day was off to a good start!

Picture of The Kennels from Hound Lodge, more on that later…

Bumbling down a little country lane, the turning to which I pass almost daily yet had no idea where it might lead,  we made our way to the mysteriously secluded shooting lodge. Upon arrival we were greeted with freshly brewed coffee, tea and a choice of locally produced, still or sparkling South Downs Water. I have recently tried to make a conscious decision to buy only SD bottled water when I am out in a bid to support another local business. 

The lodge has been recently re-decorated and it really was something special. It really felt like a traditional British shooting club house with a few of Goodwood’s own special touches, like the mugs you can see here and various scented candles burning away as we sipped our coffee and waited for the others to arrive.

A morning of clay shooting was right up my street and I couldn’t wait to get going. We were shooting 20 gauge Beretta Silver Pigeons as many of the ladies there hadn’t shot before and I shoot with a 20 gauge myself so I was feeling like one happy girl at that moment. I am by no means an expert or an advanced shooter but shooting is something I really thoroughly enjoy but currently not having my own licence does limit how much shooting I am able to do and so any opportunity to get my hands on a gun and improve upon my technique I grab with both hands.  

With that said, I was actually pretty chuffed with how I shot. Kate Peers, fellow blogger and the lady behind Mad About The Boys managed to take some pretty cool pictures of me on the stands.

The shooting ground was stunningly renovated, the back drop of the quarry was beautiful. Being able to shoot in such an incredible location was pretty amazing, the guns we were using apparently belong to the Duke of Richmond’s children too! Thanks guys!

Once we had finished shooting, we headed back in side to warm up before jumping back into the Defenders and made our way to Goodwood House for a whistle stop tour. The house was incredible, even though I have always lived at the foot of the estate I had never been inside… until today. I certainly wasn’t disappointed. 

There were historic paintings tastefully decorating almost every inch of wall space. The thought that there is SO much behind each and every detail within the house is something which I find hugely fascinating. There were strict rules on photography within the house and so I haven’t got any of the interior but it is available for the public to go and view and you can even have Afternoon Tea in the Ballroom for just £25 per person! Each room in the house has it’s own individual story to tell and the more and more I am visiting these wonderful locations the more I become intrigued about the history behind them.

Once our tour was over, it was back to The Kennels for a delicious light lunch. I am a member of The Kennels already and so know the location inside and out already but the food was a real treat! One thing I really love about The Kennels is the fact that it is so dog friendly that your dog can even have it’s own bowl for when you visit!

I thought I would do this post in two parts because I literally took so many pictures and there is just so much to say about this glorious estate, so I hope you enjoyed part one and the second instalment will follow shortly. However you have been spending your weekend, I hope it has been a good one, with Monday rolling around again let’s get ready to make this week count!

Until next time…

Lots of love, 

Hollie-Ella Xxx

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