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http://dustinlee.ca/hub-cad-photo-3-01/ Ariat has been my equestrian brand of choice for many years now, for many reasons. Firstly because I love the style of the products, they are luxurious, classy and above all comfortable. My Ariat riding boots served me very well through my college years… I would still be using them if I could just get my arse into gear and ride a bit more and my cowgirl boots have travelled all the way back from New Zealand with me! So, when these beauties arrived on my doorstep, excited was probably an understatement.

http://humanesmarts.org/smarts-farm-downtown/privacy-policy First impressions count…and my first impressions of the new Eskdale H20 Country Boots http://normanfowlerconman.co.uk/norman-fowler-plea-hearing-21st-february/  were that they were stylish, comfortable and most importantly practical. Everything you want in a fully functional country boot right?

cheap Lyrica australia One thing I LOVE about their footwear is how comfortable and supportive they are, time and time again.

Comfort is a hugely important factor when choosing footwear, for many of us living and/or working in the country, we are on our feet for hours upon hours each day in varying conditions and temperatures and these boots definitely don’t disappoint.

I have lost count of the amount of different Ariat boots I have owned over the years. From country boots, to jodhpur boots, to long leather riding boots, each and every one has been so comfortable. Being available in half sizes, to me makes all the difference.

Featuring Ariat’s 4LR™ Technology which consists of Four Layer Rebound (4LR™) in the bed of the boot which ‘cushions and stabilises the foot for all-day comfort and performance’.

I have had these boots a little over a month now, and in that time they have been put to the test in all weathers, all around the farm.

My verdict: I LOVE them.

Being made from a waterproof full-grain leather and suede upper, which really adds to the style of the boot, I wanted to make sure it really did what it said on the tin. So far, so good.

Come rain or shine, these boots have been a dream. I live in my wellies the majority of the time and I am sure many of you reading this do to, but it is nice sometimes to swap the trustee wellies for something a little more luxurious. Give the old girls a break…

The tread on the bottom is just right. They aren’t too heavy but give you the perfect amount of grip when attempting to bring your dancing youngster in from the wet and muddy field in the delightful wind and rain that we know all to well during British Winter.

I must point out that these aren’t only great for the yard, they are perfect for Winter wanders through the woods, across the farm fields etc. They are great at keeping your feet warm and snug, which is a godsend if you’re anything like me. My toes seem to freeze at the slightest drop in temperature.

Ariat offers a range of care products specifically designed for use on their boots, these should be available to purchase at your local country clothing store or online via places like Derby House who offer the Ariat Leather Cream Boot Polish in Chocolate for just £4.99 and the Ariat Leather Spray Water Proofing for £7.99 (Perfect stocking fillers)!

As with all leather products, if they are looked after a cared for properly, they can last years!

With price tag of £179.99, I think these boots are a real, quality worthwhile all-round country investment. 

Until next time…

Lots of love,

Hollie-Ella Xxx

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