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Throwback Thursday

This post really does what it says in the title, it dawned on me last night that tomorrow (today) marks one whole month of working for myself and taking It’s A Country Life full time.

In just one short and very quick month, I have officially become the Director of my very own company – surreal or what! Started taking pre-orders for the first issue of It’s A Country Life magazine, attended the prestigious Badminton Horse Trials as press on behalf of my own company and been nominated as a finalist for the ‘Country Style Blogger Of The Year’ award.

I mean, have they got the right girl? I have to pinch myself sometimes…

This time last month I was sat at my desk, swamped by dozens of emails, copious cups of tea and wishing I could be fulfilling my own dream… now, one month on here I am. Every single day brings me closer to achieving that dream.

There is no way I would have been able to get this far without the support of my family and my loving (and very patient) boyfriend. Bella has helped too – puppies, I have since learnt are a very effective marketing tool. Even if they try to eat most of your belongings in the process…

This post was prompted this morning thanks to Facebook’s trustee  ‘Timehop’ which alerted me to this picture amongst others. This was taken a year ago whilst I was freelancing, before I even thought about setting up the blog seriously and before I had been introduced to the world of publishing and journalism.

I look backwards every day and I am blessed for thing things I have been able to do and see and for the people I have surrounding me.

When did I get so lucky?

There is what I can only really describe as a ‘happy dance’ every time we get an order ping through! Followed by a closer, second look just to make sure it is real! So, please, for more happy dances, keep those orders coming in! Even if you just want to be nosey! The only way to get a copy is to pre-order.

This picture was taken by a very kind stranger at the BHT last Wednesday, almost a year on from the above. My life has changed so much in such a short space of time, and I can’t thank all of you who have helped make that happen enough. I wouldn’t change this journey I am on for the world.

Until next time,

Lots of love,

Hollie-Ella Xx

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