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We smashed it!

How is it Thursday already? That means that #NLSD2017 was almost a week ago…

Seeing as it is #ThrowbackThursday I thought I would put together a little account of my very first ‘Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club’ experience last Saturday.

 Personally, I have never shot anywhere other than on the farm with James and a couple of friends, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect when venturing to a purpose built shooting ground. Luckily for me, my local event was just down the road at The Southdown Gun Club so it was ideal.

For those of you who haven’t heard of #NLSD and I can imagine that is not many of you, due to the number of hashtags and posts from ladies nationwide ending various grounds on the same day, The National Ladies’ Shooting Day was founded by Victoria Knowles-Lacks, also founder of the SCBC. She wanted to create an all girl gun club to empower and bring women together.

Victoria works with a dedicated and passionate team up and down the country to help host events and continue to grow the club, this is where our day comes in. The Southdown Gun Club #NLSD2017 was hosted by my incredibly talented and lovely friend Kate In The Country. We met only a few months ago through Instagram and through the blogging community I had set up, and since then, I can safely say have become genuine friends…

Kate worked immensely hard in the weeks and months running up to the event, to spread the word and get as many lovely ladies as she could to book onto the day. With amazing prizes to be won, who wouldn’t want to go?!

So the day came… I got to the ground early to meet Kate and help her get everything set up. I have to say the thought and effort that had been put into even the tiniest details was fantastic. In our ‘community’ Kate is known as the organisation fairy, and she didn’t disappoint, she had the day planned down to the finest details.

I was lucky enough to have been asked by the lovely Sporting Hares, as their Brand Ambassador, to wear their new prototype Windermere Gillet. Which was perfect for shooting in!

Just like each year, the ladies were asked to bake a cake to bring along with them, and there were some really amazing creations! There is no way I would have been able to come up with anything nearly as good, I had thought about popping to Sainsbury’s on the way, but decided it would be too obvious…

 Once the ladies started arriving, it was a fantastic opportunity to mingle and get to know some people, I was shocked by the amount of people who recognised me through Instagram. For me, one of the best parts, was finally getting to meet the majority of girls within the blogging community I had set up earlier this year. It felt, in my opinion, as if we all already knew each other and it was lovely seeing us all coming together not just to smash some clays, but to support our girl, Kate.

 I hadn’t been intending to shoot, because I was really just wanting to document the event for the blog and for Kate but, as luck would have it four girls didn’t turn up. This left one instructor ready and raring to go without any ladies…so jokingly, I said ‘well if you fancied giving me a lesson I wouldn’t say no’ and to my utter surprise he agreed! Bonus!

The difference in my shooting on the farm with our ancient clay trap and shooting at the club under instruction on the different stands was amazing. I was actually smashing clays! I even gave skeet shooting a go!

Once the shooting was over, it was time to head back to base for cake and prosecco! Whilst we had all been shooting, Kate had been putting on an impressive display.

My outfit was fairly simple:

– white linen type shirt from Primark

– white Topshop high waist skinny jeans

– Fairfax & Favor Regina’s in Tan

– Sporting Hares Windermere Gillet

– Sporting Hares KINGS Sunglasses

– County Equestrian Jewellers Leg Bangle

Use my exclusive discount code: HOLLIE17 to gain discount on all things Sporting Hares!


It looked so good, you almost didn’t want to tuck in! Please note – almost!

With all the ladies back under one roof, we were able to catch up with each other and see how everyone found it! A number of the ladies hadn’t shot before at all, so it was great to hear what they thought!

This was also a great opportunity for me to do some research for Sporting Hares who wanted initial feedback on the prototype Windermere.

Kate is hosting another Bun Club Day which is set to be even better than the last! This will be held on Saturday 26th August at Southdown Gun Club, booking are now open: https://shotgunandchelseabunclub.co.uk/shop-2/scbc-day-southdown-gun-club-2/

Thank you Kate for hosting such an amazing day, I think I speak on behalf of all the ladies who attended when I say it was so much fun!

Until next time,

Lots of love,

Hollie-Ella Xx

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