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What to do this weekend…

Well, what a bizarre week that was! Both my younger sisters are now home from university (one from Falmouth and the other from Nottingham) indefinitely… how are we all going to cope living under the same roof?! I joke.

This is likely the first weekend in a while where we really feel stumped on what to do as the effects of Covid-19 are being felt across the nation. It is also the first weekend which the majority of the country are staying at home as much as possible with the government announcing pubs, restaurants, gyms, cinemas and leisure outlets are to close in an attempt to limit further spread of the virus.

I’ll admit, it feels rather strange not to be able to spontaneously decide to go for a late breakfast or wander through town browsing the shops. I feel grateful that I am able to escape to the yard morning and afternoon to care for Simba with riding providing me with some much-needed relief from the current and ever evolving situation, although, I can’t say every ride is smooth sailing, some of the time it’s more stress inducing!

And so, this leads me on to my point, what can we do this weekend to keep boredom at bay and do some good at the same time?

For many of us, we are going to experience a prolonged time apart from friends, family and loved ones with with the elderly and those with pre-existing health conditions being most at risk and advised to self-isolate for up to 12 weeks.

I for one, am already feeling the effects of not being able to go and spend time with my Dad who is classed as high-risk given his rare condition; Glycogen Storage Disease Type II. Whilst none of us want to put him at risk, we are also taking extra precautions ourselves incase we are needed to go in and help him in the coming weeks. I spoke with him on the phone yesterday in fact, and despite it barely being a week since he last ventured out or I went to see him, the affects of self-isolating are beginning to be felt.

But for our neighbours, relatives, friends and loved ones in this situation what can we do to help?

Make use of technology. Okay, it’s a weekend – but let’s be honest, we’re all beginning to lose track of time/days especially those who have been self-isolating. FaceTime your loved ones, call them daily. Granted, the elderly may not be too accustomed to FaceTime or video chat, but you could always include step-by-step instructions within your care package, provide them with a clean/disinfected phone for them to use in the coming weeks along with start-up instructions. Call them. I’ve heard on the radio, virtual coffee meetings are on the rise. What a fun idea!

If you’re looking for things to do at home then our 30 things to do on lock-down article has some great ideas!

Mother’s Day – yes or no? It is looking rather like the latter at the minute isn’t it…. but does it have to?

My heart goes out to all the owners and staff of restaurants, local pubs, independent eateries etc who had worked so hard in preparation for a bustling Mother’s Day weekend full of families celebrating by coming together over delicious food. However, I have a couple of thoughts on this – if you’re still at odds over what to do for Mother’s Day tomorrow, have a read of this.

Based on the above, with many mother’s being classed as high-risk due to age or existing conditions, the likelihood of getting together for Mother’s Day as we might in years gone by is looking rather bleak. However, let’s get our creative caps on and think outside the box (or letterbox!).

Ok, so you can’t go out for the meal you’d planned, or you can’t head to the spa. Take Mother’s Day to them. Loneliness is going to be a real issue for those self-isolating and so ensuring that those who are stuck at home don’t forget we’re thinking of them, they’re loved and we are here is so important.

Could you cook your mum or grand-mother a Mother’s Day meal and deliver it to her? Yes you won’t be able to make physical contact but by you showing you care and them seeing you – even from a distance – will likely mean more to them than you could know. We have a delicious recipe for Rhubarb Fool which you could make and deliver.

Put together a specific Mother’s Day care package – bring the spa to them. Fill your hamper with champagne, a bath bomb, face, hair or feet mask.

Include a hand-written note explaining the concept, maybe you’ll FaceTime or video-chat when you’re home and do the same so that it feels like you’re as together as you can be, sharing the experience.

You know your mum more than most, what does she like – how can you re-create Mother’s Day for her during this time. Luckily I live with mine so there is no escaping, we’re cooking a nice roast for us to all enjoy together with a movie or two. What are you going to do? Share your plans with us on Facebook or via Twitter @inthe_country

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