Absence makes the heart grow fonder...

September 19, 2016



As many of my lovely followers are aware by now, I have been absent from It's A Country Life for a few weeks now, and I feel like I owe you an explanation...


When I first thought up the idea for It's A Country Life, I was so excited. It came at a point in my life where I needed focus, and direction. After a hugely manic and destructive past 2 years (more about this at a later date) the motivation and clarity I got through It's A Country Life was exactly what I needed.


I had just taken on a new job, moved my youngster after returning from 7 months travelling and working in New Zealand - what could be better!



Every minute of my spare time was spent drafting up ideas for the blog, and ways of funding my goals (a printed magazine publication!). I had ideas growing out of my ears!


I still do, and now for the soppy revelation part - following a not very nice period of events I just haven't been feeling it, every time I got up and sat at the computer ready to write... I just couldn't. Nothing would come to the surface... & I didn't want to write you all something that was half-hearted, that isn't what I am about.



I think this quote is totally accurate and Roald Dahl has hit the nail right on the head here.


When you take yourself away from the negativity in your life, despite how hard it can be you can begin to grow and only that but flourish!


After the last few weeks, being away from the blog and disengaging myself from all you lovely readers and followers here and on my social media account the title of this post really is appropriate... being absent from It's A Country Life has made me believe even more strongly in my dreams of it's future, but I have also missed writing for you all.


It's not about the numbers of likes, or follows - its about the content. It's about being able to give people something to really connect with, I want to be a figure that people can engage with and relate too.

Trust me you haven't heard anything yet... I have been on a whirlwind these last two years, and now all of it has finally come to a head and an end, I can start to focus on me.


I now feel after sitting down to write this, and reflect on not just the events of the last few weeks but the whole two years that I now have that clarity to start again and come back more ambitious than ever.


We may only be little at the moment, but we are just getting started.

'From small acorns, great forests grow' - Sherwood Forest 


P.S. Thank you all so much for being patient and sticking with me. Love, Hollie-Ella Xx





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