Breeches, Baby bump and Arbonne

September 19, 2016

Hello everyone,


Thanks for reading my last blog, (the interview with Hollie-Ella, founder of It's A Country Life) I hope you enjoyed it and are ready for the next edition!

I am currently on holiday with all of my family, having an amazing time. I am now 20 weeks pregnant, so I have a bump now which has stopped me wearing my breeches! I have stopped riding too just to be safe. When I am home next week my partner Nick and I will be finding out the gender of our baby in our next scan - we are really excited, we haven't shopped for anything yet but once we know the gender I won't be able to stop!!





It's been a nice few weeks so far with no riding but I am starting to really miss it, I saw a video on my Facebook page from 4 years ago yesterday. It was me and Van de Vivaldi in Arezzo, Italy jumping 1m45.  It really made me miss it, I love the adrenaline you get in the ring and getting to travel to amazing shows.


 My show groom has now left, which I am gutted about, so in the next few months I will be looking for a new member of staff to fill position; someone that enjoys travelling and driving the truck to shows and most importantly loves my horses and supports me on my journey.

For now we have given all the horses a holiday - everyday they go into the field which they are loving!! Lucie my home groom is keeping everything under control. It's hard to find someone who is passionate about the yard and the horses, Lucie is brilliant at what she does and I am very lucky to have her!

So since I've not been riding, I decided to start a business.. I have joined the amazing company Arbonne. It is a botanically based skin care range. They help us look good on the outside and the inside. Not only do they do skin care, they do make up, nutrition, sun, hair-care and a baby range (perfect for me!). It has proven extremely popular so far and I'm really enjoying it. I am still mucking out and helping down the yard but Arbonne gives me more things to do and keeps me socializing by reaching out to so many people. I have a website if anyone is interested to look up some


I think us riders need to focus on skin care more than we think, we spend all day outside exposed to the sunlight and we don’t really know the damage being caused. Do you use an SPF on your skin everyday? Do you use an eye cream everyday? Arbonne has SPF in their daily moisturizers, so you don’t even need to think about adding that SPF as its already in there for you.


Don’t worry if you have super sensitive skin we have a range for you to, our products are all natural so its unlikely for you to react anyway. A huge bonus for me with Arbonne was that they didn’t test on animals. Being an animal lover that was important for me. If you are wanting to try a certain product I am more than happy to send out samples to try before you buy.

As I am writing this to you, the baby is kicking me, its such a funny feeling when you have
never experienced it before. Baby started kicking last week but only now and then, now it
appears to be every morning and evening. I hope baby doesn’t plan to be up every evening
late and morning early!!! He or she doesn’t kick in the day time only the evenings and early
mornings, maybe not a good sign?!!


For those of you who haven’t had a baby inside yourtummy kicking you, it feels like butterflies floating most the time and then I get a random pop sensation and my belly moves on the outside. Its really hard to explain but when baby kicks suddenly it makes me jump out my skin!!


It sure has made everything feel more real now... But still so exciting!

I am going to go and soak up some more sun now and relax as much as I can!!
If you have any questions feel free to email me :

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