Air-con & breakouts!

October 18, 2016

Luckily I never had the struggle of regular breakouts, without sounding vain I have always been gifted with having quite clear skin even through my teenage years. However I have recently started ‘the other job’ as I like to refer to it, to allow me to fund my ambitions for It’s A Country Life.


This is a 9-5 office based role which allows me to make time for the blog and my horses; I really miss working outdoors with the animals and the tractors but this is only temporary and if it allows me to reach my goals then I will do it. BUT! I have been struggling with breakouts which are so unlike me since I started this new job and I couldn’t put my finger on what was causing it!


It was beginning to affect my self-confidence, and the way I saw myself, so this weekend I had just about had enough of feeling down and conscious about my skin I went to speak to the pharmacist who advised me it was most likely the air-conditioning in the office!


Something I hadn’t thought about until then, and it made total sense. She said she heard this lot from women of all ages and assured me it was quite common. I have always worked outside in the fresh air which I think has naturally kept my skin quite clean, however the air conditioning in the office dries your skin out and leaves you pores open bringing the oils and any dirt (sorry, I am clean I promise!!) buried under the skin to the surface resulting in breakouts.


I have never been one to follow a skin care routine religiously; I remove my make up each night with a Simple’s Spotless Skin face wipes but that is as far as it goes. I do have sensitive skin and so I have to be careful what products I use, I have used the same foundation Maybelline’s Dream Matte Mousse for about 5 years now – crazy I know! The pharmacist suggested that now my pores are open and my skin is exposed I needed to start a routine to cleanse and exfoliate; so me being me and not having a clue what products to use (not overly a girly girl) asked which product she recommended for someone with sensitive skin; she introduced me to Liz Earle and their award winning Cleanse & Polish serum. With this in one hand I wanted to find a really natural, lightweight and beneficial product to wear daily in place of foundation to keep my skin looking healthy and clear, whilst still giving me the confidence of coverage – that is when I picked Simple’s Kind to Skin Perfecting BB Beauty Balm – I can safely say I am in love. I have used Simple’s products for years so I felt comfortable trying this out and trusting it wouldn’t result in any bad reactions.


I use Liz Earle's serum twice a day; once in the morning when I get up before applying the BB balm and then before bed. I squirt approx two pumps from the bottle into my hand (wash your hands first!) then massage onto my face paying particular attention to around my eyes and nose, then use the pure-cotton cloth rinse with hot water and then wipe off the serum; polishing my face. I then finish by rinsing my face with cool water.


These two products really have worked miracles and I am back to feeling comfortable and confident in my skin!


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