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November 19, 2016

I want to introduce you all to the gorgeous and totally lovely Lynsey Bellingham.


 (See, I told you she was stunning!)


I have followed Lynsey's Instagram for a while now and it is constantly filled with stunning photos of her idyllic country life (I highly recommend you take a look; lynsbud) which make me ever so jealous!


After inviting her to be a guest on the blog, she kindly accepted, despite being worried you would all think she is boring - I can guarantee you won't!


Enjoy, love Hollie-Ella. Xx


P.S I am sorry this is a little late - it appears we are both as bad as each other with our time management skills sometimes.


It feels like Autumn has been and gone in the blink of an eye - Winter seems to be knocking on my door now!



This weekend we've been foraging in the orchard. Despite planning on using the produce for Noah's school harvest festival it turned out there was a 'if its not in a tin, it's not coming in!' Policy, Gutted.


Especially with him playing the very important role of 'piece of wheat' in the assembly I thought fresh was the way forward.


Never mind.


So With apples in abundance the pigs have eaten very well and the pork is now pre flavoured I suppose I'll now have to attempt some fancy Pinterest apple baked snack..I'll let you know how that goes...



Leaves (and rain) are officially falling which means I'm a very smug mom in my current essential school run attire.


It goes with out saying that I'm not alone living in my Le Chameau all year round but this time of year they are understandably, the most important footwear.


Noah's pair even make an appearance for forest school and are proving durable as ever.

My favourite go to school run piece has to be my Schoffel gilet.


It's goes with any outfit effortlessly, (unsure about pyjamas... Not admitting to anything!) plus the super smart thermals mean you can wear it in any temperature.


Perfect go to for the 'freezing your girls off in the morning to dying of heatstroke in the afternoon' weather vibes! 




A child free hour or two in the evenings for me and Bill have been spent out with geese and ducks.


I think we can all agree that country date nights are always a winner though, who doesn't want to stand watching autumnal sunsets, shotgun in hand by the water with the one you love? 


My favourite seat for watching these beautiful sunsets will always be in the saddle, on a polished bud ready for hunting. 





That is not going to plan as he still looks like no one owns him and since William has come along he's happy on extended maternity leave. My super hunting cob is now a excellent 4 legged lawn mower that patrols around the kids trampoline also enjoying the spoils of the orchard this year.



As the nights are drawing in now it's possible for Noah to go with Bill for a quick look with the lamp. 'Lamp hunting' even with no rifle involved isn't the quietest with a enthusiastic 7yr old but it's great to see rabbits, barn owls and hares most nights that don't mind us.


Luckily for our pheasant and partridge the local fox population is carefully monitored by the Clemson.

I don't even mind being A Lamping widow with the great British bake off and the boys for company plus It's time to break out the blankets for Cosy nights in front of the wood burner.


As someone who is cold 80% of the time I have a shameless love affair with it. I can't wait to snuggle up even though a front row seat means squeezing between a tribe of terriers.





Adding to that, My Jack Russell has recently had her last litter. 3 little bundles of typical 'terrierness' all growling before they even have their eyes open.


They will make super working types real excited to watch them grow. 

I really want to share my one of my latest purchases, I am still so excited about it. the beautiful pheasant print bedding by Catherine Lansfield.


If like me, and had the 'insta famous' stag print that we were all loving online, then this one is an absolute must.


I'm forever mooching online googling away for country furnishings so when I came across this amazing bed set I had to have it these fabulous pheasants.


This can be purchased online at with 10%  get buying, can wait for the new pheasant bed hashtags! 







Hope you enjoyed a short snippet of what me and mine get up to.

It is only brief, as I have never blogged before so I just want to thank, It's 

A Country Life for asking me to feature.

Lots of love, Lynsey.




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