Pony Mad - you're having a laugh aren't you?

January 17, 2017

Following the amazing response from my last post which gave you all a little insight into my personal life and the girl behind the blog I have decided to make a thing of it and write from the heart a little more often.

It is tricky finding your 'thing' in blogging - as I have found, and as I am sure any of you who are reading this and also blog will know... well it's a double whammy for me as alongside my blog I am planning a magazine launch which has different content still - the two will be linked together - which makes my life harder still.

But I wouldn't change this journey for the world - I am loving every minute. & each comment from you guys makes it even more worthwhile and helps me find my feet.


So, what is the title all about and where does the pony madness come in? 

Well in my last post to you I fessed up that I was the pony mad girl at school, this continued well in to my early teens albeit I was a little wasn't as obsessed. I had friends - honest...

That caused an issue in itself really... I was the ONLY one in my year at secondary school and who rode and loved horses. 

They could do no wrong. The dream of becoming a proffessional rider vanished a long time ago but the love of horses remained, and it wasn't going to budge.

I loved everything about them - I do. The sparkling, trusting deep eyes that seem to tell a story each time you look into them. Their big ears, there nosey nose always seeking out hidden polos or apples. That feeling you get when you slide your hands in between their coat and rug. They honestly are (in my opinion) the most humble, genuine and majestic creature.

The difference now is... they are a bloody pain in my backside! Well mine is at least.

Total money pits. My youngster is a breathing, moving money hoover. Feed, grass and haylage go in one end and poo and pee come out the other mainly into the £7.95 per bale bedding which I lay down so carefully for him.

As if that wasn't enough... He has the luxury of a large field with amples of grass, fresh water to frolick and enjoy 9+ hours a day... oh and haylage every morning in there just because I am such a caring mum. But oh no... fence jumping and post pushing are more fun than eating. 

Honestly... this is the 3rd time in 4 days! He was in all day yesterday so couldn't otherwise I am sure he would. 

I am pulling my hair out! He is driving me up the wall. But still his cute, loving butter wouldn't melt face greets me with admiration when I get home from work. 

I even got up extra early this morning and wrapped hazard tape around the fencing to try and deterre him from doing this. I tied pretty little ribbons to try and look like scary spikes that could eat him... he is scared enough of it when we hack passed it.

Confident that my efforts will be a success I leave for work. Just as I go to open the door to the office my phone rings... he has done it again. 

Cantering up and down the track passed the ladies at the yard. I can only imagine in a true 'haha f**k you style' showing off his beautiful extended trot as if they were cursing fingers waving in my face. 

I'm at my wits end.... but I still love him to pieces. 

Am I still 'pony mad'? No you've got to be having a laugh... that girls history. It's more of a 'horsey hysteria'! 

Lots of love,

Hollie-Ella xx

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