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From October 2021, In The Country Magazine will cease printing. You can read all about the decision here. For the past four and a half years, founder and self-taught Editor-in-Chief, Holly has worked tirelessly to bring to life a truly unique and beautiful publication, celebrating the countryside whilst cheerleading many inspirational individuals and businesses by sharing personal and brand stories in a refreshing and modernised way.

Covid19 and the subsequent effects the lockdowns have had on the economy and in this particular case, the advertising/marketing industry, have meant that it simply isn’t viable anymore to produce what has grown to become such a truly special publication.

“….But without the advertising revenue, there can’t be a magazine. And so, here we are. The end of an era – In The Country Magazine will be no more. 

Sure, I could reduce the pagination, reduce the paper quality, choose to staple the pages together rather than the perfect bound finish I chose, all to save money, hell, even add in a Classifieds section, but if I did these things… the publication you’d receive would no longer be In The Country

It has been a genuine pleasure and the experience of a lifetime to create In The Country Magazine over the past four years, from meeting so many fascinating people and sharing their stories, from learning to design, layout and produce an international magazine and even to hand-wrapping and writing each copy every season. Thank you for your support and your orders, but also for your support of me as an individual, this isn’t the end of In The Country.”

A flavour of In The Country…

From farming, fashion and food and drink, to field sports and equestrian content, In The Country celebrated the very best of modern rural living. Aligning with the changing seasons our hardcopy edition was printed quarterly, exploring a variety of rural lifestyles for a highly-engaged and fast-growing audience, all within the perfect bound pages of a truly one-of-a-kind publication.

‘If passion alone could have paid for the printing and running of In The Country, it would have continued forever…’

A celebration of what was In The Country Magazine:

For those living and or working rurally or dreaming of a country escape, In The Country delivered an authentic female voice from within the countryside.

Founder and Editor, Hollie-Ella – or Holly as she is now known was and is always around horses, and often found within the depths of the countryside, this drove founder Holly’s passion to create the ultimate innovative, unique and personable country lifestyle title. Launched in 2017 from the arm of Holly’s sofa in rural West Sussex, In The Country grew into one of the UK’s leading women’s country lifestyle brands.


Proud to have carved an exciting new path within the world of modern publishing, our reader experience was noticeably different.

From highly-personable and engaged content style to each edition being individually gift-wrapped editions with a personalised note to the reader.

Everything was 100% recyclable. We even used British rare breed wool to finish our last two Editions.

At a time when many print magazines were closing and circulation rates were falling pre-pandemic, we were fortunate to be growing and sharing our passion for print and creating a hold-in-your-hand offline table read to cherish and keep.

Intrinsically connected:

We were and still are intrinsically connected to all that we stand for, and all that we strive to be. We were a country lifestyle publication with a difference. And though, we now embark down a new, and different path as ‘Tales from In The Country by just Holly, here in our digital home, we are more connected than ever to those values that inspired the magazine and wider media brand from day one.

A Multi-media brand:

With an impressive engagement rate on social media and a growing audience both in print, digitally and across the social platforms, In The Country was fast becoming the modern country lifestyle magazine title of choice for women living and or working rurally, as well as those living in urban areas dreaming of a country escape.

The Instagram account became a desirable destination in itself for our readers and audience to get their fix of country inspired content. A large percentage of magazine orders and annual subscriptions came direct from Instagram and by utilising our Instagram stories we were able to connect with our readers on a variety of levels combining Facebook and Twitter also.

Now, under a new name the Instagram continues to grow though with a different focus and purpose. No longer required as a business tool, the content is authentic, genuine and reflective of Holly’s country and equestrian lifestyle as a horse lover first and foremost but a new Yard Manager and unwavering entrepreneur, with a wild imagination for future ventures.

The In The Country Podcast:

Launched in January 2020, the podcast aimed to explore the lives of inspirational and relatable figures living and working in the countryside. As Holly (or Hollie-Ella as she was known) was and is, often asked for business advice, episodes also cover How To’s and FAQs, offering valuable insights for our fantastic listeners around the world.

The podcast ceased airing in May 2020 as the lockdown really bedded in, Holly hopes to revive this as the rebrand comes into effect.

Tales from In The Country by just Holly:

Holly will be sharing articles, interviews, blogs and more here in ITC’s digital home, keeping the title alive, In The Country will live on, just in a different format.