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Be inspired: perfection with Pampeano

Evening all – I hope you’re all well. Now my feet have seemingly touched back down onto the ground, I am able to think a little more clearly and get back to blogging and working on the upcoming and rapidly approaching Winter issue.

A couple of months ago, I was approached by Pampeano; a brand so synonymous with both country and equestrian life that it is virtually impossible not to have heard of them and if you haven’t, well, you must have been living under a rock for the past decade.

Pampeano are the masters of producing luxury Argentinian Leather Polo Belts. Whilst they also produce handcrafted beautiful polo equipment, bags and so much more, it really is their iconic belts that have paved the way into becoming a household name for so many of us within the countryside.

Made in South America, the designs are instantly recognisable and there are so many to choose from that there really is a Pampeano design for everyone. Everyone’s style and colour preferences are different and the team behind Pampeano have recognised this and created the most incredible collection to choose from. 

If you have ever visited a polo match, you’ll be familiar with the polo belt and if you work within the equestrian world you’ll probably agree that polo belts are an essential part of the uniform.

Whilst perhaps not always quite as glamorous as the image below, my early polo belt saw me through many years of working on yards and through equine college too. I wouldn’t have been without it. Do you have one? If so – what colour/style did you opt for?

Image from Pampeano.co.uk

Recently, I chose the Sierra Belt in Black. I wanted to go for something a little different but whilst still keeping that traditional quintessential country feel. I always tend to opt for rich brown or tan belts but had been toying with the idea of finding a black leather belt to fall in love with and when I stumbled across the Sierra… I fell head over heels.

The Sierra doesn’t appear to be online anymore but I have found the Tornado (£65.00) which features a similar design in a rich dark brown leather. Described as;

“One of our more reserved designs, the Tornado polo belt has the iconic hand stitched pampa diamonds, inspired by the peaks and valleys of the Andes Mountains and complemented by the luxurious Argentine leather that pampeano is so well known for.”

In addition to the beautiful, high quality black Argentinian leather, the belt is finished with a classic brass buckle and there is also the option to further personalise your Pampeano belt by choosing to have up to three initials hand-pressed in a choice of finishes; blind (plain), gold foil or silver foil. I opted for silver foil and the initials ITC (In The Country).

I adore personalized items and think it adds a really special touch to any product. As if the beauty and class of the Sierra polo belt itself wasn’t enough, it came beautifully presented in a gift box.

Looking closely at the finer details and stitching on the belt, you can see the real dedication, passion and expertise that has gone into creating it. I am told that each belt can take up to five hours to complete!

Pampeano’s products are unisex but the brand offer a wonderfully extensive collection for both men and women so you and your partner can swap between you OR you could even go full on matchy matchy if that floats your boat.

Even better than that… you can match your Pampeano polo belt with your canine companion’s collar and lead! Now that’s something to get excited about! 

Bella was also lucky enough to have been sent a little something in the post from Pampeanoand judging by her face in the background, I am going to say she is pretty chuffed with it!

We were very kindly sent the Large Roca Collar and matching lead with Bella’s name hand-pressed in gold foil! Utterly stunning. You can buy the collar individually for £35.00 or the matching set for £65.00!

I don’t know about you but having anything personalised for your pets is just the next best thing. I love it. Not only is it great at the time and looks beautiful on but on another, rather more emotional note, it is something you can always cherish when that dreaded day comes that they have to leave us. So thank you Pampeano for that, I will certainly treasure this forever!

 Trying to get Bella to sit still for photographs is virtually impossible and I am sure many of you with bouncy bundles of energy can relate to that and so, I am afraid you’ll have to make do with what I have managed to take. She was more interested in licking the lead instead.

“All of pampeano’s products are hand made in Argentina. We have our own skilled craftsman who travel to local tanneries to source only the upmost finest leathers available which Argentina is so famous for. Our pampeano team know that a superior level of quality is of paramount importance which is why we personally check the leather for imperfections and ensure only the best is selected. The finished rich vegetable tanned leather is then passed to the skilled artisans who hand-craft and weave each product which involves hours of intricate needle work. The waxed threads used are thick and durable, just like our leather to ensure that we provide products that last. The buckles are attached using machine sewing for added strength as the safety of your pet is essential.”

Whilst I wouldn’t walk Bell with this lead every-day, it is the perfect choice for a little added style when heading to the pub, country show or event with us. 

I think it is worth pointing out here that it isn’t necessary to play polo, ride horses or live within the countryside to own or wear one of these beautiful Pampeano belts. I think the hardest part about purchasing a Pampeano belt is deciding which style to go for…. there are so many to choose from. If you don’t already own a Pampeano polo belt then there is still time to put in a request to Santa also, if you’re stuck for Christmas gift ideas for the dog… look no further. 

The products are timeless, unique and made of the highest quality materials. The attention to detail in each of the products we own is second to none. 

Bella and I are both going to look the part this season thanks to the team at Pampeano. I am going to leave you with this picture I took of Bell trying to help me photograph the products… I wish I could say she was helpful but…

Until next time…

Lots of love,

Hollie-Ella Xxx

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