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Christmas, Cake and Cravings…

Happy Christmas everyone!!! 

I hope you all had a magical day and ate loads of food and Christmas cake!!!!

I love Christmas so much, I get so festive and into it.

I spent my Christmas with my family and my boyfriend, there was 16 of us in total for dinner so lots of food and fun! I got some incredible gifts, however bump got the most presents which is worrying as he’s not even here yet! Imagine when he is here how spoilt he will be!!

I actually cant wait now, especially for next Christmas. It will be so much more enjoyable to make the house festive for baby and spoil him rotten.

Calming down from baby subject, I spent a week at Olympia horse show watching three of my horses compete with Laura Renwick.

I had a lovely time seeing friends and being at a show. I loved watching Laura ride the horses even if its my dream to ride the 5* there!

I can just aim for next year!! Laura had a fantastic show, my grey 8 year old Dominant H who we’ve had since he was three years old proved to us all he is the next superstar of the yard. He came 3rd in the masters which was absolutely huge, he powered over the fences easily – it was incredible to watch.

Con Chili had a win at the show and a few placings over the week. Van de Vivaldi was his tricky self and really made Laura work hard!!

He does love to go sideways but indoors it seems to be more enjoyable for him! Laura did an amazing job, considering she has only ridden him two times before.

I am extremely grateful that Laura is riding the horses for me whilst I am off and keeping them fit for me.

They are off to Liverpool International next week but unfortunately I wont be going to support as my due date is getting a little closer now!!

My pregnancy has been an incredible journey, it has flown by so fast! Everyone said it would drag on and feel like forever but its honestly going so quickly.

I do have a feeling he is coming sooner but everyone disagrees with me. He kicks me so much and now they are so strong!!

When he started to kick it was a small nudge, now it’s a big thud in my side which can be uncomfortable sleeping!

Christmas shopping was tricky with all the walking around until I met a lady who was due in 3 days time and flying round the shops!!

A few weeks back I decided to brave it and do a maternity shoot.

A few people asked me why, being pregnant is a huge change to your body and I can hold my hands up and say I don’t feel the most glamorous with this huge tummy.

I wanted to have some pictures taken that I can keep forever and look back on. Being pregnant is an incredible feeling, the fact you have a growing baby inside of you is quite amazing. Embracing your bump is vital and for me photographing it really helped me feel better about myself.

Here is a picture from the shoot, thank you to Chloe Bowman and her team for making the shoot go smoothly and making me feel at ease.

I wish you all a Happy New Year, I look forward to writing my next blog with hopefully a baby to show!!

I am so motivated to get fit and back into the saddle. I will be sharing my journey of how I plan to lose my baby weight and get back fit again.

See you all soon,

Yaz xx

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